On Starting a Blog

Hi sisters,

So. We are starting a blog, together. It makes sense to do it now–I’ve been living over here (in Ireland) for eight months now and I miss you all very much. Last weekend, when I burst into tears at the dinner table because I was homesick, BD said ‘that’s about right. you’re always homesick about six to eight months in to a new place’. I hate to be so predictable, but I am familiar with the routine now. After about six months of being in a new place, you start to think–wow, I really live here! Reality sets in. Sisters get together without me, we’re here alone thinking ‘leaving all that free babysitting with the grandparents was a bad idea’, and we are still at that stage of friendship in a new place where you feel more like a leach than a friend (PLEASE HANG OUT WITH US, PEOPLE WHO DON’T KNOW US YET). 

It is spring-time right now, just past lambing season, and Ireland is so green and the birds are singing. We’ve always done all of our moving to new places (Vancouver, BC; Kingston, Ontario; Ireland) in late August or September, which gives us about a month’s worth of time to enjoy the natural beauty and then six months of winter in which to get depressed and question our decision. Then spring emerges as a reminder of all that is good in the world, and that there is so much of the world to see.  These days, I pinch myself daily when I realize that this is my home, and my life. 


This is a test. More later, 

With love,




2 thoughts on “On Starting a Blog

  1. Boy AND lambs AND fun-shaped bushes. Such goodness. I hadn’t made the connection before on the times that you move. I love reading your thoughts about your transitions.

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