This whole blog thing has been making me think. Blogging is such a curious thing to do, while I write blog posts in my head, I am also thinking….why should I be putting that on a blog?! Do my sisters/other people really want to read about how much I love cinnamon rolls and how often I craft and the random things I think/do?

That is silly. I have read SO MANY bizarre blog posts from people I have never met and will never be friends with. I will probably never make homemade mozzarella, but I have read at least 4 blog posts about how to do it. Rarely as I surf the web, do I think, what a waste of an internet page. Instead it’s comforting to hear the frank/funny/informative thoughts of other women (and sometimes men). What could be better than to hear the musings of four women I have known my whole life? I can’t wait to see glimpses into my sisters’ lives. I know the daily life overviews but I miss hearing the random thoughts that you share when you’re physically with someone. So here is something I would tell you if you were here with me. 

I let spiders live in my house. In plain sight. In fact, I feed them and watch them eat stink bugs. One that I am naming Carl (male version of Charlotte?) lives next to Kelcy’s water bowl and eats ants. The other one, that I am calling Shelob, eats all of the stinkbugs that Kevin and I throw into her web. She lives above the curtain in our living room.

Not everyone would know how revolutionary this is, but my sisters, you know. Esther or Martha, you were always the brave sisters who would kill spiders for me. I can remember shrieking for you two or Mom or Dad to come kill a spider that I had seen. And there were so many in the family home! A brick house from 1900 is bound to be fraught with spiders. I remember lying in bed reading books and seeing a little spider walk across the pages as I read. I definitely closed the book on it and returned it to the library without finishing it (you’re welcome Box of Books, enjoy those spider guts). I once heard that statistic that you eat 8 spiders a year while you sleep and felt my stomach turn over, I probably ate like…15 a year at home. Maybe that’s why I was so obsessive about my bed being clean.

This change of heart is all thanks to my husband, who won’t kill the spiders because they kill the bugs we dislike more. So, the spiders live with us because I don’t want to get close enough to kill them AND because it is fun to think of them as our little exterminators.

Just look at me! So grown up and mature about spiders. Miracles do happen.


2 thoughts on “Spider-woman

  1. Jewel-ie, that is a miracle! BD and I let spiders run rampant in our bedroom for a couple of months. They had literally built a race-track all the way around the edges of the room with their webs, it was impressive. Last week I got tired of the look though and carefully carried the spider outside, and swept all the spider-webs down. It baffles me sometimes how many people are afraid of spiders, but I do give a pass to people who grew up in Australia because the spiders there are poisonous and scary.

  2. I love that you named them. And love that you think about the things you’d tell us if we were around. I do the same. Not naming spiders, though. You’re way more creative than me that way.

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