My garden

Dear Jewel, I admire your newfound spider appreciation. I can tell you that no such thing will happen in our house. My husband is trying to train our cat to find and destroy spiders. This is not really working. She would much rather hunt outdoors where she isn’t allowed.

Dear Martha, your post was so bittersweet. With all our moves, I have felt all those things but have not been able to say them so clearly. My daughter sometimes looks at photos of her cousins in Ireland and says wistfully, “I never see them anymore.” We know you are having adventures and living a good life there. We miss you.

I have cast around for a good first blog post topic and finally decided to write about my garden this year. And what a garden it is! Four terra cotta pots on my front porch, three with fresh herbs, one with flowers. Why am I so excited about this, you ask? Well. We have never been able to have a garden, with all of our moving over the past few years (Alaska, NY, Maine, and back to NY). This year I decided that in spite of all that (we are still renting, and may be moving again once we buy a house, and I still have very little free time) I was going to grow a few things of my very own. So here you have it. From top to bottom: Zinnias (just sprouting), thyme, cilantro and mint. I am glad for the reminder of new life and for the ability to bloom where I’m planted, for now.





2 thoughts on “My garden

  1. Ah, a garden! I had such big garden ambitions for our house this year, as I always do. And of course BD has ended up doing most of the work (typical), I’m very thankful for that. Our garden is random – giant pumpkins, broccoli, onions, peas, beans, herbs, lettuce, cabbage–put together piecemeal from seeds friends gave us and seedlings we’ve purchased at nurseries from their remaining stock. It is a lot of fun though. I think planting herbs alone will probably save us money, because we use so many!

  2. We have since added basil, and put our lemon tree and rosemary outside. Also Miriam got a marigold from her half day of visiting kindergarten which we re-potted. So now we have 7 little pots lining the front porch! Miriam loves to water them everyday.

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