Job Searches

I have had a bajillion different topics running through my head for a blog post: environmentalism, culture shock and the many different cultures that exist inside me, wedding planning, but I don’t know exactly what to say about them so instead I will talk about… Job searching! This one feels like a universal topic, that everyone has done or will do. Job searching is not fun! I love working though. I’m a very focused and dedicated worker. I spent the first couple months of my first scientific post-college job stressing that I wasn’t doing enough only to learn later that my co-worker and I were actually overachieving! So once I get into a job, I feel as though I learn quickly and do well. But getting into a job is not very easy for me!

Take right now, for example. I have a job, but not the ideal one for me, but at the same time that phrase brings me to one of my struggles with job searching: I’m not sure what I want! What is the “ideal”? I love math and science, I love the environment, I want to be mentally challenged, and I have to “believe” in what I’m doing or I’ll be sad. But that can apply to so many different jobs in so many different locations and it’s overwhelming.

Another struggle with job searching: the communication is generally terrible. I have applied to so many jobs that I never hear back from. Is a “this position has been filled” email that hard?! I have received a couple, and I appreciate them, because then I know to close that door and move on. But the other opportunities stay out there in the void, floating around tantalizing me with their maybe’s! It feels so sad to send follow-up emails and have them get lost in the interwebz!

Which brings me to a closing idea: good communication is surprisingly rare in the world!! I put my fair share of unclear, masked messages out into the world but I’m trying to recognize them and stop because clarity and honesty are sooo refreshing. At my current job, we deal with a lot of precious metals. On the weekends I have to pick up some duties of keeping track of them for the weekday guy. I leave him notes of the main points instead of making him search through the computer and 300 forms we have for keeping track of things. Apparently no one has done that for him before, and he was so surprised and grateful!

Those are my main thoughts for now. I’ll end with a picture of me in my lab glasses, unsure of the future but grateful to have a job 🙂



3 thoughts on “Job Searches

  1. Human resource departments are notoriously bad at communication. I think there’s a real need for qualified, energetic workers (like you!) but the people doing the actual hiring are too busy and/or just used to not having anyone apply who will actually be the perfect fit. Sadly, often times it’s inside connections that get people into jobs and those inside connections don’t come easily to someone new on the job market. Keep at it and something will work out!

  2. I’ve always been a big believer in taking the opportunities that come to you – my first job was not ideal in many (manymanymany) ways, but it lead me into the industry and career that I am in today and I love it. You never know where this will take you! I don’t envy college graduates today, it is a really tough economic climate. I’m so proud that you are growing in the job you are in, from my perspective there is a lot of opportunity in a corporate setting to make a difference.

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