Throwback Thursday: Sisters in Nature

Throwback Thursday: Sisters in Nature

Dear sisters,

I have this picture on our shoe stand. It’s one of those things I see every day and yet don’t really see. This was taken at Moss Lake on one of our family excursions. I’ll always be grateful that Mom and Dad got us all out and about in nature. I’m 100% positive that I complained most of that day and was generally morose and awkward. Usually I just wanted to be home, curled up in bed with Rodriquez (our cat…not a dude) and a book. Somehow as I grew up being outside in nature became one of my favorite activities. I get a little crazy if Kevin and I haven’t gone somewhere to hike or walk in the woods in awhile. Now that we have a dog, I have a tangible reason to walk outside every day. I can be pretty picky about my outdoor experiences though. I really prefer to walk in nature without tons of other people around (unless they are people I know and like and have invited). We avoid parks on the weekends here in NJ because they are so crowded during the summer months. We’re lucky that we can go to the park during the week in the mornings or early afternoons. Then I can pretend that the entire park is my backyard, or in the case of a fancier garden, my estate and that it is all ours to enjoy. Very selfish of me ;-).

When we are together this summer I can’t wait to walk in the woods!



3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Sisters in Nature

  1. Do you know what year this was taken, Jewel? I love Martha’s bohemian style here and Esther’s cute smile. Ah, those were the days…when Jewel and Esther were shorter than me. 🙂

  2. Dad had written 99? on the back. I thought it must be from when you were at Houghton and we were visiting you :-). I think we all look lovely and fresh and sweet!

  3. I love this picture so very much! I think the same thing about our childhood–how valuable all that time outside was. Now we find ourselves doing the same thing to Archer, dragging him outside even though he complains. Because by the end of it he’s always having a good time!

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