Throwback Thursday: Sisters in Nature

Throwback Thursday: Sisters in Nature

Dear sisters,

I have this picture on our shoe stand. It’s one of those things I see every day and yet don’t really see. This was taken at Moss Lake on one of our family excursions. I’ll always be grateful that Mom and Dad got us all out and about in nature. I’m 100% positive that I complained most of that day and was generally morose and awkward. Usually I just wanted to be home, curled up in bed with Rodriquez (our cat…not a dude) and a book. Somehow as I grew up being outside in nature became one of my favorite activities. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Sisters in Nature”


In praise of shoveling manure

I’m trying raised beds this year, in hopes of making my clay-based garden bed usable. Man, is it work. Last week I got the wood down. I could write an entire post on just that, but the short version is a multitude of thanks sung to Ted and Julie for providing, cutting, and moving free lumber and for assistance with putting it in. This week, sisters, I’ve been shoveling shit. Well-composted, nutrient-rich horse shit mixed with hay and sawdust. I’m working on figuring out why I enjoyed it as much as I did. Continue reading “In praise of shoveling manure”

Job Searches

I have had a bajillion different topics running through my head for a blog post: environmentalism, culture shock and the many different cultures that exist inside me, wedding planning, but I don’t know exactly what to say about them so instead I will talk about… Job searching! This one feels like a universal topic, that everyone has done or will do. Job searching is not fun! I love working though. I’m a very focused and dedicated worker. I spent the first couple months of my first scientific post-college job stressing that I wasn’t doing enough only to learn later that my co-worker and I were actually overachieving! So once I get into a job, I feel as though I learn quickly and do well. But getting into a job is not very easy for me!

Take right now, for example. I have a job, but not the ideal one for me, but at the same time that phrase brings me to one of my struggles with job searching: I’m not sure what I want! What is the “ideal”? Continue reading “Job Searches”