Friday links–Rachel edition

Hello, sisters! It’s Friday. Here’s a smattering of places on the internet I like to visit now and then.

If I could, I would wear this skirt every day while pregnant (oops, just realized they don’t have the design I own anymore! I have a whale design on a turquoise background). Maybe I should buy a second one? The one I own is starting to show signs of wear. Seriously, it’s so comfortable and beautiful, and can be maternity or non maternity. I love the designs of this company.

I discovered this yogurt recently and now we have to have a constant supply in the fridge. It’s so creamy. When you open it, there’s a layer of cream on top that is almost yellow! Jersey cows are where it’s at. I overheard Uncle Roy lecturing on this subject at the family reunion. He said Holsteins are nicknamed “water bags” for their watery milk, and that when he would milk a Holstein, you could still see the bottom of the bucket after filling it with milk. Jerseys and Guernseys give the best fatty milk. Mmm, cream.

I think I’ll be making this cake for my husband’s birthday this Sunday. It’s a bit fussy but worth it for the deep, dark, earthy, chocolate beet flavor. It’s not too sweet, which is nice. As an aside, David Lebovitz’s blog is one of my favorite food blogs. He always gets it right.

One of my friends posted a picture of this shirt on her Instagram feed a few days ago, and I thought right away, I need to get this shirt for Martha! I have terrible bags under my eyes too, but I have given up on them. Martha, are you still trying all kinds of things to combat yours?

I have been trying out a new hair product recently. It’s expensive but I think I like what I’m seeing. Turns out I have curly hair, and I have been doing terrible things to it most of my life. It’s frizzy, it’s bushy, it’s coarse, I end up just pulling it back or cutting it super short to avoid having to deal with it. I am starting to see a glimmer of hope–maybe I too can have gorgeous curls!

I like to travel via my friends’ blogs. I’ve been enjoying this one recently. Karis and her wife are doing an 8 week tour of South America. They are so organized and have done a great job posting updates from all their exotic locales.

We are still house hunting, and in despair that we’ll never find exactly what we want. Yeah, we’re too picky. Anyway, when we are dreaming, we like to drool over the cabins and cottages here. (Whoa, I just noticed the second cabin pictured is from Alfred! Contributed by Graham Marks! Crazy). So gorgeous.

Last but not least, my husband really needs to do this with his beard! New profile pic, I’m thinking…

Have a good weekend, sisters.

5 thoughts on “Friday links–Rachel edition

  1. Oh my goodness, I hope he does put flowers in his beard. That would be awesome. I love the bags under eyes shirt, I kind of give up on mine, they’re not the worst and I’m kind of used to them now. I’m glad you’ve found a product that works on your curls! You do have nontypical curls with your thick thick hair, but they’re there! Free the curls!!

  2. I like your hair long! Curly or not! Do you still have the magical power of being able to not wash it for a whole week? That makes up for the difficultness…

    1. Karen, I wash it twice a week, and wet it down every morning to combat bedhead. 🙂 Right now it’s at an awkward stage in the growing out process and it just sticks out every which way! I’m eager for it to be longer so it stays down.

  3. I have been trying to be good and put on concealer every day! I’ve given up on ever ‘curing’ them, they are my cross to bear 🙂 I always love seeing what my sisters are reading on the internet! This week I became obsessed with the blog It makes me want to buy a camper van immediately.

  4. Ha! I love those beard pictures. Awesome. I was thinking over the 4th that your curls were looking nice. Yay for finding something you like and works for you!

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