Becomes the rose

Or “no guns with these roses,” or “there were roses,” or “La vie en rose.” Any other rose-related music you can think of?

Update on your reception table roses, Esther. I’m working away at them slowly. Here’s my work station.

Rose station

I’m now the proud owner of a dual temp hot gun, thanks to this project. I’ve cut up the first 50 hymns from the hymnal for the roses I’ve made so far, or the petals I have pre-cut. Tonight I cut petals for a bit before starting to glue. I’m going off this basic pattern, minus the the wire and ribbon.

They come out looking like this.
Roses on blue

I’m about a quarter of the way to how many we need. A crackin’ I must get.

I have a Townes Van Zandt youtube playlist going in the background. Several bands came together for a Townes Van Zandt tribute set at the end ofย Red Wing last weekend. I didn’t know I knew any of his songs, but apparently he gets covered a lot. One of exactly two songs that I know and love by Lyle Lovett is a TVZ cover and the Steel Wheels chose to open the tribute set with the same song. So I’ve decided to learn more Townes Van Zandt songs while making roses. The cats are asleep, the housemate is out, and laundry is tumbling in the dryer. Earlier in the evening I worked in a couple gardens. Tomorrow I’m off to a wedding for a high school friend and to see you, Rach. Huzzah.

Love you always,


8 thoughts on “Becomes the rose

  1. Another rose song…I’m gonna lay you down in a bed of roses….

    ๐Ÿ™‚ yay for Red Wing and TVZ covers! I think I introduced you to that Lyle Lovett song, maybe?

    You do beautiful creative work. See you soon.

    1. “For toniiiigggt I sleeeep on a bedd of naaaiiils!” Excellent one.
      You probably did introduce me to that song. It is one of those songs that I’ve had on my computer for forever and wasn’t quite sure where it came from. Thanks for that. Did “If I had a boat” come from you, too?

  2. Yes! Both songs were uploaded to my laptop in the days of Napster by my EMU friend Marcus Miller. He was responsible for the Willie Nelson and John Prine and all that country-ish stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. So beautiful! My friend Anna who just got married made every single flower for the wedding out of paper, they looked quite a bit like that, she did the corsages and table flowers and bridal bouquets and everything. Her and her husband wrote love notes and messages to each other on the paper they made them out of, it was so sweet (and she saved a boatload of money on flowers). I can’t wait to see them!!

    1. Martha, do you read “The House that Lars Built?” She does a lot of stuff with paper flowers. I think all the flowers for her sister’s wedding were paper as well. She buys fancy paper for them, though, so I’m not sure how much money actually gets saved.

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