Throwback Thursday: Sisters laughing

sisters laughingLook at this picture of us from four years ago this month. I think we were laughing at the motions and faces Mom was making in attempts to get the babies to smile. So much has changed even in those four years, and not just the size of the little ones. Though they’ve gotten so much bigger and so much more themselves. And Era joined us, and another little one is coming in a few months. Rach, am I right that you’ve moved at least three times since then? And same with you, Marth? Esther went to Mexico and then back to what is now her city.  Three of you earned degrees–masters Martha and Jewel and a bachelor Esther (ha!). I was a month away from starting directing at Alfred State, a job that changed a lot of things for me.  And so much more for all of us, all the things that shape the days and years.  What do you think the biggest changes were for you since this picture was taken? I’m looking forward to having us all together at another wedding this summer, though at least Esther’s dress will definitely be fancier for those pictures. I’m so ready to squeeze family members I haven’t seen in person in almost a year and enjoy whatever time we get together.

Love you muchly.


One thought on “Throwback Thursday: Sisters laughing

  1. I love this picture! I don’t know what the biggest change has been. I think life post graduate school has been very good for me and I think and feel differently about things/life than I did 4 years ago. Nothing super huge has happened to me, so when I look at this picture I can almost believe I was the same then as I am now.

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