The Merit of Family and the Farming Life

Esther here, but readers, we’ll be trying something new where we join together for a post! Look for the name in bold that starts a new sister’s section 🙂

Sisters, I enjoyed seeing three of you at our Buckwalter family reunion this past weekend! I love that the Buckwalters make a commitment to reuniting often. Marcus, who was meeting our extended Buckwalter family for the first time this weekend, said, “It’s like much of the niceness and peacefulness in the world got taken away from everybody else and put into your family,” so I think it’s safe to say he liked our family 🙂

You'll never find a more attractive view.
“You’ll never find a more attractive view.” –Jewel

Sometimes I think to myself how well the farming lifestyle molded our aunts and uncles. Continue reading “The Merit of Family and the Farming Life”


Maybe I like the city?

What do you remember our occasional trips to New York City growing up, sisters? I went about a week and a half ago. It was a different trip than what we used to do—no time with family, for one. Some friends and I made a quick trip to see an amazing show and spend some time in the city beforehand. The Big Apple has always felt like something I should enjoy. Doesn’t everyone want to be there? Usually, though, I was very glad to go and very glad to come again afterwards, glad to see new things and glad to return to my quiet, green, familiar community. The city was like sweets or something–wonderful in small amounts but overwhelming in excess and I hit excess quickly. Too bad that isn’t always true of sweets, huh? This time, though, I felt the allure of the city more than I have in the past.

Central Park against the city.
Central Park against the city.

City life always seemed so impersonal before. In our town, when the colleges weren’t in session, we pretty much knew everyone who drove by, didn’t we? Continue reading “Maybe I like the city?”

Charity Shopping

Dear sisters,

What kind of shopping are doing these days? The last couple of years of motherhood and poverty (grad school) have caused a big change in my wardrobe, towards simpler outfits and a lot more denim.  And it turns out I kind of actually dislike mall shopping. But I am the queen of virtual fake shopping, a skill most expats know too well. I have expensive tastes on a minimal budget, and mostly ogle maker companies like Imogene and Willie, Huit Denim, Of a Kind, Voices of Industry, and Fog Linen.  But alas, I have not the budget.

The one kind of shopping I like best is thrifting, the only place where I can (sometimes) buy the quality I seek at the prices I can afford. Continue reading “Charity Shopping”