I’m actually moving!

Dear sisters,

Kevin and I are actually moving to La Crosse, WI! We’ve been out there twice to look for housing and get to know the area and it still hasn’t quite hit me that we’re actually doing this. Today is my last day of teaching, Kevin defends in 15 days, we pack up and move in about a month. For some reason La Crosse doesn’t seem that far away, even though it is 869 miles away from Alfred, NY. I can imagine it being our home really easily because we already have friends there. It’s a nice sized city of 50,000ish people, 90,000 counting the surrounding sprawl. It’s easy to navigate and we’ve walked through beautiful parks, cute neighborhoods, university campuses and along the riverside. There’s so much nature to see all around La Crosse and I’m really excited to explore. During our last trip there I took a few pictures to give you a taste of the city.

This is an overlook in Onalaska, a suburb north of La Crosse. This wide part of the Mississippi is called Lake Onalaska, though it just looks like a fat river to me :-).

There is a river to enjoy, bluffs to hike up and look out from, marshes to walk through and enjoy wildlife in, forests to bike/hike in, I could go on and on. It’s kind of a like a dream after being in NJ, where there is a lot of natural beauty to enjoy, but you have to share it with millions of people.

The Mississippi River bridge that takes you to Minnesota! Kevin’s really happy to be close to the land of the Minnesota Vikings, his one true football love.

We were really fortunate to be able to visit for a full week in the beginning of August and we spent Saturday morning walking around downtown and seeing the farmers market. We were surprised to find poetry written in the sidewalk all around downtown. Of course I took pictures of my favorites:

This one is from a friend’s uncle!

If you can’t read it, it says:

It’s a deep, quiet place in the spirit of
the people of La Crosse, we know that
the Mississippi River
is wiser than us all

This one is so clever. Also, they have cute little “take a book-leave a book” libraries around the city. This one was the prettiest:

We eventually made it to the farmer’s market, which is in Riverside Park, a great place to sit and watch the river and see barges and towboats travel up and down the Mississippi. The farmer’s market had a variety of produce and many beautiful bouquets. I bought a big one from a Hmong woman. The Hmong people are the largest ethnic group in the area. Kevin would like to add that technically, “White people are an ethnic group too, and they’re the largest group in the area for sure.”

I bought this massive beautiful bouquet for $3. I could have gotten 2 for $5 but didn’t have the time to enjoy them. We gave this one as a gift to friends who generously helped us get to know La Crosse.

I really loved our time in La Crosse. We looked at 15 different houses, didn’t find the perfect one but know we will when we get there in October. While I’m so excited to start our new adventure, saying goodbye to our amazing friends in NJ is really difficult. We’re trying to see our friends as much as we can this last month. I am also sticking to my tried and true method of not really thinking about the fact that we’re moving too much so I don’t get sad :-).

Sisters, I am sad that we’ll be farther apart. 3 of you are in the same state, 1 is in Ireland and 1 will be in the Midwest. It doesn’t seem so far away, but it’s a different time zone! It’s not easy to get to Wisconsin. Luckily I know I’ll be back at Christmas.

All of you have gone far away from home. What was the best and worst thing about living far away?

Love you all,


One thought on “I’m actually moving!

  1. I’m excited for you guys! I love the pictures. I guess I always think of the Midwest as a flat, boring place but it’s not all bad. 🙂
    The best thing about living far away is the adventure of it all–seeing a new part of the world and having unique experiences. The worst thing is, of course, feeling like you are missing out on a lot by not being close to home and the community of friends and family there. In the end I felt like I missed too much and wanted to be back, but maybe I’m not the most adventurous person. We have such a close family, it’s hard to be far away! But there are good things about it too and I’m glad you guys already have good connections there.

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