Being a cat parent

It’s funny to think of two of my sisters preparing for actual human babies, while I’m over here having a huge adjustment to two new babies in my life: our new (to us) cats Dolly and Deuc (pronounced Duke)! Deuc is short for Deucalion, an evil character from Teen Wolf and also someone in Greek Mythology. His original name was Duncan but I have a cousin Duncan so that felt weird. Deuc is a little evil, so it makes us laugh to have him named after this guy:


Anyway the cats are 1 year old and they definitely change our lives in similar (but less drastic) ways as actual babies. Some people call their cats fur babies but that mental image (a baby covered in fur… with fangs…) is unpleasant so I don’t like to refer to them as that.

cats prof
Our kitties. Dolly is laying down, and her brother Deuc is sitting up. Ignore the pile in the background of donations / things to give back to siblings & parents since we ended up getting nicer versions as wedding presents.

Ways our cats are like babies:

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36 weeks: great with child

Dear sisters,

As of last week, I am now 36 weeks pregnant! Whew, it has gone by quickly. I am now at the lumbering, waddling stage of pregnancy. There’s not much room on my small frame for an extra 20-25 lbs, so it’s like carrying a large, low bowling ball on the front of me all the time. I feel old with this pregnancy. I don’t remember too much discomfort when I was pregnant with Miriam, though that was 5 years ago. This time around I have more pain in my pelvis and hips and back. I am all of 34 years old now. If we keep having kids (doubtful) I will be “advanced maternal age” with the next one.

This past Friday night, I dressed up for one last date night before baby comes. Our group of friends here in Ithaca do a babysitting swap once a month which is a brilliant idea. It was our turn to go out. At the end of the evening, Krestia took a few pregnancy glamour shots of me. I wasn’t thrilled with how they turned out, but here’s a few that are acceptable, I think. The dress is actually not a maternity dress–just a dress with a forgiving midsection! I may have stretched it out beyond repair by putting it on with such a large belly, but I hope not. It’s a pretty classy black dress from TJ Maxx (Ralph Lauren, I think).


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Bits o’ life

Life is full and busy these days, sisters. I’m past the graduate school honeymoon period. It is still ssoo good. It is also ssoo much work. Rehearsals have started for the fall musical, so I’m trying to figure out how to do my homework and be prepared for rehearsals 4 nights a week. More often than not I am successful. Am I sleeping, you ask? … … …

Ehem. So! Here are some bits from my life since I posted last. Well, at least from times I remembered to take pictures.

A group of drama club members and I went to a charity walk for Mary Cariola’s Children Center. The scowl you see in my eyebrows is me trying to figure out how to fit everyone in. Bradley Cooper I am not.

Drama Club Super Selfie

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Grapple picking

Dear sisters,

Only 2 out of the 5 of us got to go on the annual Buckwalter grape and apple picking day this year! Janna and I put together some photos from the day so you three that were missing can get a glimpse of the wonderful day that it was.

It was a beautiful fall day. We ate lunch at Keuka Lake State Park.
It was a beautiful fall day. We ate lunch at Keuka Lake State Park.
The kids got in a little playtime at the sand beach.
The kids got in a little playtime at the sand beach.

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What’s cookin?

In my case, I’m cookin’ a baby! Right now I’m growing a peach sized baby at 13 weeks and I’m due on April 17th. Obvs, Kevin and I are totes thrilled :-). Let me answer some of the many questions I usually get about pregnancy.

1. I am feeling great! I had a little bit of nausea and fatigue in the first trimester and a few food aversions. I made potato salad in week 5 or 6 and just thinking the words potato salad make me nauseous. Now that I’m in trimester 2, I am feeling back to normal.

2. We do want to find out the sex of the baby! And we will be sharing it eventually! We’re not so good at secrets. In fact we told our families we were expecting a baby at week 5.

Walking the dog this past Saturday at Brice Prairie, a beautiful prairie near the Mississippi River. I'm trying to show off the small baby bump :-).
Walking the dog this past Saturday at Brice Prairie, a beautiful prairie near the Mississippi River. I’m trying to show off the small baby bump :-).

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My birthday meal, or Ithaca is delicious

Dear sisters,

Considering how much we all love food, we haven’t been posting much on here about what we cook and eat. I spend an inordinate amount of my time thinking about food, shopping for food and helping to prepare food. Knowing my food obsessions, my husband goes all out on my birthday and makes me an amazing, gourmet, mostly locally sourced meal. I thought I’d tell you about it, and explain where all the ingredients came from. I am so glad to be living close to Ithaca–there’s such a great local food community here!

The Saturday before my birthday, we went to the Ithaca Farmer’s Market. I know Martha and Janna have been there with me…Jewel and Esther, sometime I have to take you guys! The Ithaca Farmer’s Market is one of my happy places on earth. I love all the booths with local food and crafts, eating lunch out on the dock and of course people-watching. I really like that everything sold at the market has to be grown or produced within 30 miles. I should devote a whole post to the market, but I feel a bit shy about taking lots of pictures there–it feels too touristy.  That day at the market we bought Adirondack blue potatoes, local sweet potatoes and a local pear cider. Later on in the week, Krestia stopped at The Piggery and got local filet mignon. He also went to Greenstar Cooperative Market and got local goat feta. All of these things were the ingredients for the meal.


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Defining Questions

Well, sisters, today I’m going to tell you some personality traits of Marcus which will lead me into broad personality analysis 😉 Marcus loves to rearrange rooms. It might not be so much that he loves it as that he feels a need to do it. Every time we do a big cleaning he thinks to himself, “I’m bored with how this room is, and who knows how much dirt is under the furniture! Let’s REARRANGE it!” We’ve rearranged our apartment many times. A lot of that was because as we were moving in, we kept discovering ways to get free or cheap furniture (two free bookshelves from a family friend’s old office? YES. $50 couch from my coworker? YUP.) As the furniture came in, we had to rearrange.

One of the many variations of our living room. The only thing we paid for in this living room was the $50 couch… Everything else was gifted to us or came along for free!

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