Defining Questions

Well, sisters, today I’m going to tell you some personality traits of Marcus which will lead me into broad personality analysis 😉 Marcus loves to rearrange rooms. It might not be so much that he loves it as that he feels a need to do it. Every time we do a big cleaning he thinks to himself, “I’m bored with how this room is, and who knows how much dirt is under the furniture! Let’s REARRANGE it!” We’ve rearranged our apartment many times. A lot of that was because as we were moving in, we kept discovering ways to get free or cheap furniture (two free bookshelves from a family friend’s old office? YES. $50 couch from my coworker? YUP.) As the furniture came in, we had to rearrange.

One of the many variations of our living room. The only thing we paid for in this living room was the $50 couch… Everything else was gifted to us or came along for free!

But this time around when we cleaned, there was no new furniture to incorporate. Marcus just felt like we needed change. I suggested switching where some other furniture was but leaving the couch in the same place. But that wasn’t enough. “It’s not a big enough change.” I found this very puzzling, but I supported him in his efforts and sure enough we rearranged. Our windows are on a slant and so the shape of a room is a little funky, and it took two hours to figure out something we liked! We moved the dining room table in from our little hallway dining room thing and put it in front of the window.

The new configuration. You enter the room from a couple feet behind the gap between the futon and couch. The day bed from the previous configuration is now in our huge coat closet! And the futon that used to be in our bedroom is in the living room. Marcus’s tools in front of the window will get put away eventually.
We moved the rug to our bedroom :)
We moved the rug to our bedroom 🙂

Anyway as we were rearranging, I thought to myself, “I wonder why Marcus wants change so much.” And I realize it’s something that ties into his personality. He has an insanely active mind. He’s very imaginative, aware, and thinks faster and from more perspectives than anyone I know! I think his desire to rearrange comes from that, from the desire to see things differently and to switch it up. Me, being a more slow-thinking, one-track person, I more easily get complacent and comfortable with my surroundings. When I had my own place, I rarely rearranged. Heck, when the lightbulb in my college house kitchen went out it took me months to replace it (I could see well enough with lights from other rooms!). That made me think to my parents’ house. They didn’t really rearrange. They like things to be a certain, fixed way, and so do I at times. I lived in the same house all my life, and while we rearranged occasionally it wasn’t very often. What about you, sisters? Do you and/or your husbands shuffle it up often in your abode? Do you think that ties into your personalities? 🙂

Another stranger, hilarious personality question came to my mind the other day at the mall. I went into the public bathroom and had that gross situation where someone left #2 in the toilet. Before I tell you my course of action, what do YOU do in that situation?

a) Move to the next stall! Gross
b) Flush it so it’s gone, then move to the next stall
c) Flush it, and then sit down and use the toilet

I’m a letter b) type of gal. I want it to be flushed so the next person doesn’t have to see or smell that, but I’m not practical enough to just sit down on the same toilet that so recently had excrement in it for who knows how long. I think choice a) people go more by their gut reactions and don’t necessarily seek to prevent the gut reactions of others. And c) people are impressively practical to me!

SO there’s the weirdest online personality quiz you’ve ever taken. Do you rearrange the furniture in your rooms rarely, occasionally, or often? Rarely indicates a more conservative, one-sided mindset, often indicates a fluid mind that sees many perspectives, and occasionally means you’re somewhere in between. Do you flush and/or use a toilet that has been pooped in by someone else? If neither, you’re instinctive and don’t always let your higher thought for other people dictate your actions. If just flush, you’re good at overcoming your initial reaction but not so much so that you can be extremely practical. If flush and use, you’re practical and brave!

There are my random thoughts for the evening.




5 thoughts on “Defining Questions

  1. There are certain things I rearrange more often than others–like I’m still trying to figure out where it makes the most sense to store some things in the kitchen. And my spice drawer. Goodness, that is chaos. But once I find a set up that really works, I think I generally stick with it. I remember Mom saying that Uncle Grant used to rearrange furniture all the time. Like they would bump into things in the morning that he had moved after they went to bed the night before. I wonder if he still does that.

  2. Hah! I love this post, it made me laugh. We don’t do rearranging all that often, maybe we’ll move something every 6 months or so. With little things, once they have a home, Kevin will always return them to their spots, even if I try to change them. That has caused strife when it’s something I use in the kitchen and want to change its location and Kevin rebels. Eventually we find a solution that works best for everyone. I enjoy changing things up every once in awhile. I tend to assess whether we’re using a space the best way possible and Kevin likes to try new things as well, so change comes every so often.

    As to your second question. I’m usually an a) type of person if it’s a really gross toilet, though I sometimes do b). Kevin told me once he flushes public toilets with his feet and that’s all I do now, so I’m sorry to people who use their hands ;-).

  3. haha, this is so great!! I am definitely a b, like yourself. It reflects a desire to make things better for the next person, but I just find it too gross to actually use myself.
    I feel like I am the laziest person in the world, but in a positive way? Like, I am so easy going about so many things that I just don’t change things because I don’t really care. I am not a big furniture re-arranger, although when we first moved into the house we did rearrange things a lot to get them set up the way we wanted. And by we, I mean Bradley. I will accept all sorts of minor inconveniences to maintain things the way they are. For a few months I have been staring at the curtains in the bathroom, thinking I should make new curtains because the blue int he curtains doesn’t match the blue tiles. If I was a good blogger, there would already be new curtains. But it will probably be another six months until I summon up the energy to buy the linen (because of course I want linen), and then another five months after that to pull out my sewing machine and actually make them. In our marriage I am the researcher and Bradley is the doer 🙂 I laughed at your lightbulb situation – that is totally something I would do.
    Your apartment looks so pretty! I like the artwork you have up (another thing I am too lazy to do). I am so pleased you have the octagon coffee table. We got it for free next to the dumpster and I always loved it, it was nice and low for Archer to play on and it seems well made. It looks perfect in your living room! I wish we could come visit.

  4. Haha, this is a funny one, Esther. 🙂 We do not rearrange furniture much. Krestia likes new challenges but seeks them in other ways I think–like getting his pilot’s license, or building a boat in our basement. I am the one that likes things to stay the same and I have a hard time challenging myself to do something new.
    As for the second question…I would probably do choice b, but if it flushes completely I don’t mind using the same toilet again…I guess I’m not so squeamish.

  5. Interesting thoughts here. Your dad and I usually work together and try to figure out the best arrangement when we start, then are contented to leave it unless we see a need for a better way. Possibly Marcus has a very creative mind. I think creative people need change more. High order people like things the same maybe. It would be interesting for Esther and Marcus to take a full scale Briggs-Myers personality test. We did that early in our marriage, and it was helpful to understand each other better. I think I am a B person, but could be C if there are no other stalls free.

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