My birthday meal, or Ithaca is delicious

Dear sisters,

Considering how much we all love food, we haven’t been posting much on here about what we cook and eat. I spend an inordinate amount of my time thinking about food, shopping for food and helping to prepare food. Knowing my food obsessions, my husband goes all out on my birthday and makes me an amazing, gourmet, mostly locally sourced meal. I thought I’d tell you about it, and explain where all the ingredients came from. I am so glad to be living close to Ithaca–there’s such a great local food community here!

The Saturday before my birthday, we went to the Ithaca Farmer’s Market. I know Martha and Janna have been there with me…Jewel and Esther, sometime I have to take you guys! The Ithaca Farmer’s Market is one of my happy places on earth. I love all the booths with local food and crafts, eating lunch out on the dock and of course people-watching. I really like that everything sold at the market has to be grown or produced within 30 miles. I should devote a whole post to the market, but I feel a bit shy about taking lots of pictures there–it feels too touristy.  That day at the market we bought Adirondack blue potatoes, local sweet potatoes and a local pear cider. Later on in the week, Krestia stopped at The Piggery and got local filet mignon. He also went to Greenstar Cooperative Market and got local goat feta. All of these things were the ingredients for the meal.


So, when September 25th rolled around, this is what I sat down to for dinner. The filet mignon was topped with stir-fried shiitake mushrooms (not local–from Wegmans). The sweet potatoes, blue potatoes and a Japanese sweet potato were roasted in the oven. On the side, we had green salads (made with local greens, from our neighbor’s CSA–they went out of town and gave us their share for the week) topped with local pears and the goat feta, and I think some kind of nut (walnuts? almonds? I can’t remember). I had a half glass of the pear cider because it had a teeny tiny bit of alcohol in it. The meal was wonderful. Dessert was also a show-stopper, and I was a bad food blogger and took no pictures of it. Krestia made me the nutmeg maple cream pie from Smitten Kitchen (the maple syrup he used was local and came from the bulk container at Greenstar–and, it’s Grade B!). He roasted more of the local pears and served a slice of the pie with a roasted pear and a little pile of hot buttered pecans. The presentation was beautiful and it was delicious! I am a lucky, lucky woman.

After dinner I got my birthday present–a new mug! The handle broke on my favorite mug a long time ago and I’ve continued to use it. I finally thought to mention to Krestia that a new one would be nice. He found this lovely one at Greenstar:

birthday present

Miriam made me a beautiful birthday card, and insisted that I wear one of her crowns and a big sparkly ring for the evening, because I was the birthday queen! All in all, it was nice to be well fed and well loved. Come visit us and we’ll make great food for you too! Ithaca is so very delicious.




3 thoughts on “My birthday meal, or Ithaca is delicious

  1. So delicious. Kevin and I get a bit claustrophobic in farmer’s markets, there are so many people and we’re so bad at milling around and just looking at things! That’s something I want to get better at. We went to the local food coop this past week and got local ground beef and cheese and organic yummy veggies. It felt good.

  2. Yeah, Krestia and Miriam don’t like the market as much as I do! They usually go sit by the water while I shop. It can be very crowded but it doesn’t bother me that much…

  3. I am so embarrassed to say that I haven’t been to our local farmer’s market yet! It is in the town where I work, only 6 miles away, but I don’t usually feel like driving in on Saturday. I am going to make an effort this week 🙂 I just discovered there is an organic veggie stand, I thought it was mostly crafty stuff and prepared foods, so that makes me more motivated to go.

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