What’s cookin?

In my case, I’m cookin’ a baby! Right now I’m growing a peach sized baby at 13 weeks and I’m due on April 17th. Obvs, Kevin and I are totes thrilled :-). Let me answer some of the many questions I usually get about pregnancy.

1. I am feeling great! I had a little bit of nausea and fatigue in the first trimester and a few food aversions. I made potato salad in week 5 or 6 and just thinking the words potato salad make me nauseous. Now that I’m in trimester 2, I am feeling back to normal.

2. We do want to find out the sex of the baby! And we will be sharing it eventually! We’re not so good at secrets. In fact we told our families we were expecting a baby at week 5.

Walking the dog this past Saturday at Brice Prairie, a beautiful prairie near the Mississippi River. I'm trying to show off the small baby bump :-).
Walking the dog this past Saturday at Brice Prairie, a beautiful prairie near the Mississippi River. I’m trying to show off the small baby bump :-).

Pregnancy is such an interesting phenomenon. Everything I’m trying to think to write sounds really cliched or totally crazy, which is probably the right balance to strike when discussing growing a baby. Pregnancy has been happening forever, so by now every detail of a pregnancy can be read about on the internet. I’ve googled the weirdest things wondering if I’ll find anything, for example: red spots on belly week 8 pregnancy (TMI? you’re welcome), and sure enough, somewhere in a forum on babycenter some lady describes the exact thing I have and tells me it’s totally normal and fine. I’m sure back in the 8th century women weren’t quite so neurotic about their pregnancies, but it is comforting to know that I can always find someone else who’s had the same experience. On the other hand, it feels so CRAZY to be growing something inside of me. Like….mind blowing crazy and it seems like no one else could possibly fathom how weird it is. Especially when you spend 99% of your time with a man who has a hard time imagining what it’s like to be pregnant.
Me: “Wooshy dooshy, I feel super tired out after packing one box. It must be because I’m pregnant. I’m going to go take a 2 hour nap.”

Kevin: “Don’t blame this nap on the baby, this seems completely in character for you, pregnant or not.”


Me: “Man o man, I am really loving bagels with cream cheese. Like…I want to eat 5 in a row and it doesn’t seem weird that I use approximately 2 tablespoons of cream cheese per half of bagel. That seems perfect. In fact. I want to lick the knife I used to spread said cream cheese. I’ll eat this bagel, then 10 minutes later want asiago herb cheese bread with a lot of butter on it. It must be pregnancy cravings.”

Kevin: “I doubt that. You usually want to eat that much unhealthy food.”

Now if I had been eating around a woman, especially one who’s already had a child, she would say, “Oh, go ahead and eat whatever you want, enjoy the freedom of fattening up for baby.” Whereas my husband, who cares about my overall health asks, “When was the last time you ate a vegetable? Do you really need another bagel?” and I am reminded to be semi healthy while pregnant. Kevin has been incredible during these first 3 months. He wouldn’t let me lift a thing while we moved and is always willing to rub my feet (which is actually something I always want, pregnant or not) or get me something.

Women tend to get very passionate about their experiences while pregnant. I love hearing about other people’s experiences, though I can easily see when the comparisons can start to become overwhelming. For example: I’m trying to do a prenatal yoga video advertised as intermediate/advanced and for women who’ve done yoga for awhile. “That’s me!” I think. Then watch in awe as this woman does the most incredible things with a huge pregnancy belly. Of course, my non pregnant self would think, “This is just a bit advanced for me, I should modify and work up to this,” whereas my pregnant self  thinks, “The fact that I can’t and probably never will do this means I am unhealthy and my baby will suffer for it. I need to be doing compass pose RIGHT NOW OR ELSE.” Then I laugh and remember not to be crazy. I’ve found a wonderful yoga series by a very sweet lady who posts a video for every week of her pregnancy that applies to her current symptoms: nausea, mood swings, lower back pain. It’s a great easy yoga series that doesn’t make me crazy.

I’ll leave you with some funny photos of me wearing my latest maternity finds!

Super comfy maxi dress on clearance. Bonus: it won't show dog hair!
Super comfy maternity maxi dress on clearance. Bonus: it won’t show dog hair!
Maternity jeans are so weird! But also oddly veerrry comfy. I'm not even showing much and these feel so nice compared to my regular jeans.
Maternity jeans are so weird! But also oddly veerrry comfy. I’m not even showing much and these feel so nice and stretchy compared to my regular jeans.

Feel free to post your pregnancy stories or any questions you have in the comments. I love hearing from family and friends!


5 thoughts on “What’s cookin?

  1. Your descriptions made me laugh! I can just hear Kevin and you having that conversation. When I was buying maternity clothes, I tried to focus on things that I could also wear afterwards, like an empire waist dress, or a blanket cardigan, or a stretchy elastic waist skirt (I have a couple from American Apparel that i love). I can’t wait to see this bundle of joy!!

  2. I’m so excited for you two! I am selfishly hoping you’ll have a girl so we will have girl cousins 5 months apart. But a boy would be nice too, of course. 🙂

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