Bits o’ life

Life is full and busy these days, sisters. I’m past the graduate school honeymoon period. It is still ssoo good. It is also ssoo much work. Rehearsals have started for the fall musical, so I’m trying to figure out how to do my homework and be prepared for rehearsals 4 nights a week. More often than not I am successful. Am I sleeping, you ask? … … …

Ehem. So! Here are some bits from my life since I posted last. Well, at least from times I remembered to take pictures.

A group of drama club members and I went to a charity walk for Mary Cariola’s Children Center. The scowl you see in my eyebrows is me trying to figure out how to fit everyone in. Bradley Cooper I am not.

Drama Club Super Selfie

One nice thing about grad school is that I can occasionally work at home. I don’t know why the cats find it so exhausting–they’re not the ones working.


Here’s a panoramic shot from the first read through of the musical. We sing, we dance. Show is in four weeks!


Bits of fabric that will hopefully become the sea off the front of the stage. When I find time to plan it and sew it.

Marth, that funky bulby plant you gave me put out little green flowers recently. What is that plant called again?

Claire came over and created “Janna’s Bananas” for me. All of your names are written in bananas hanging on that tree.


I didn’t get many fall foliage photos (fotos?). Here is the view I usually walk by on my way to my graduate assistantship assignment. Most of the leaves are down now. Are the trees sick? Should I do something?

There was one night that being an adult meant that Beth, Jeremy, and I could make the conscious choice to make Nutella banana pie, veg on the couch, and watch stuff on Roku. Yay, adulthood!


Speaking of adulthood, I’m going to go get groceries. This woman cannot live on grapes and apples alone. Not that I haven’t tried.

Love you all!


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