36 weeks: great with child

Dear sisters,

As of last week, I am now 36 weeks pregnant! Whew, it has gone by quickly. I am now at the lumbering, waddling stage of pregnancy. There’s not much room on my small frame for an extra 20-25 lbs, so it’s like carrying a large, low bowling ball on the front of me all the time. I feel old with this pregnancy. I don’t remember too much discomfort when I was pregnant with Miriam, though that was 5 years ago. This time around I have more pain in my pelvis and hips and back. I am all of 34 years old now. If we keep having kids (doubtful) I will be “advanced maternal age” with the next one.

This past Friday night, I dressed up for one last date night before baby comes. Our group of friends here in Ithaca do a babysitting swap once a month which is a brilliant idea. It was our turn to go out. At the end of the evening, Krestia took a few pregnancy glamour shots of me. I wasn’t thrilled with how they turned out, but here’s a few that are acceptable, I think. The dress is actually not a maternity dress–just a dress with a forgiving midsection! I may have stretched it out beyond repair by putting it on with such a large belly, but I hope not. It’s a pretty classy black dress from TJ Maxx (Ralph Lauren, I think).


Once he started taking pictures, I relaxed a bit more, and then he got this one, which I think is pretty good, though it is a little out of focus. Here you can see the belly a little better:

getting that third trimester double chin...
getting that third trimester double chin…

Things are falling into place, and I’m feeling more ready for the baby to arrive. We cleaned the whole house really well in preparation for our midwife coming to do the 36 week home visit yesterday. I have a car seat and a diaper bag. The changing table is all set up. Speaking of that, our cat Sadie’s new favorite place is the bottom shelf of the changing table, where I have all the handknits stored. I can’t blame her–there’s a particularly soft baby sleep sack down there which she curls right up on. I haven’t had the heart to keep chasing her away from it.

kitty loves soft things
kitty loves soft things

Miriam is alternately excited and emotional about her new baby sister arriving. She talks to my belly a lot. When she gets angry with Krestia and I, she says to my belly, “I only like you, baby sister!” We have been reading books about being a big sister and what to expect with a new baby in the house. This is going to rock her world significantly, as she has been an only child for 5 years now. Still, I think she will mostly be happy and eager to help take care of her sister. She talks about not being the only kid anymore, and that “now I will have someone to play with all the time!” Last month she made me this sign which makes me so happy to look at:

melts my heart
melts my heart

As for me, I am trying to relax and not worry about getting all the things done before baby arrives. I am looking forward to my maternity leave–12 weeks of snuggling with my newborn girl and staying in my pajamas all day, if I want to. There will be plenty of family time in there too, with all the holidays.

Enough for now. There’s dishes and laundry and jam and applesauce waiting, and a five year old who keeps tugging on my arm wanting attention.

Much love to you all…



4 thoughts on “36 weeks: great with child

  1. I love the pictures so much, as well as the funny tidbits of Miriam’s spunky sweet personality. She is so much fun to hear about. I especially love that second picture of you, it is a good representation of you laughing :-). I am so excited to see and meet the baby and to hear about your labor! Love you lots!

  2. If you’re waddling, then it is with such grace & ease, I never noticed! You look fantastic.

    I love the sign Miriam wrote, and I love that her sister is already her favorite family member (at least at some moments).

    The addition of this wee one makes an already stellar family even more fantastic – we can’t wait to meet her!

  3. The photos of you are wonderful. You look very classy in that black dress, an elegant woman who is great with child! You don’t often see very pregnant women in evening attire. I like it!!! We are excited to see and hold the newest member of our family, and it might be soon. Two or three weeks might be it!

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