Being a cat parent

It’s funny to think of two of my sisters preparing for actual human babies, while I’m over here having a huge adjustment to two new babies in my life: our new (to us) cats Dolly and Deuc (pronounced Duke)! Deuc is short for Deucalion, an evil character from Teen Wolf and also someone in Greek Mythology. His original name was Duncan but I have a cousin Duncan so that felt weird. Deuc is a little evil, so it makes us laugh to have him named after this guy:


Anyway the cats are 1 year old and they definitely change our lives in similar (but less drastic) ways as actual babies. Some people call their cats fur babies but that mental image (a baby covered in fur… with fangs…) is unpleasant so I don’t like to refer to them as that.

cats prof
Our kitties. Dolly is laying down, and her brother Deuc is sitting up. Ignore the pile in the background of donations / things to give back to siblings & parents since we ended up getting nicer versions as wedding presents.

Ways our cats are like babies:

1) They keep us up at night sometimes. Our apartment only has two doors: one to get out, and one to the bathroom. So unless we want to lock the kitties in the bathroom all night, they roam around free bugging us. No matter how much we play with them, they seem to still have energy to be up at random hours! Some nights they’re respectful and don’t really come onto the bed until we’re awake, and those nights they’re pretty cute to wake up to:

Typical morning greeting from Duke
Typical morning greeting from Deuc

2) They change our schedule and our routines. Instead of being out all evening, we have to go home and feed the cats!

3) Similar to diapers, we have to change and clean their litter box. Gross.

4) We have to buy them things. Sometimes this is annoying, and sometimes this is fun. Our noteworthy purchases include a remote controlled mouse to watch them chase around, a little water fountain to drink from, and this really cute cup to scoop their food with.


5) They’re nice to cuddle with when they’re in a good mood. Seeing Marcus with the kitties melts my heart 🙂

Watching the tube. His hands make her look so little!
Watching TV. His hands make her look so little!

6) They destroy things like toddlers. Here is Dolly refusing to let me straighten out our fouton cover. They also pushed our wok off the top of the fridge, which is impressive considering how heavy it is.


7) They make noises we wish we understood. Here I am having a conversation with Duke.

8) And no matter how needy and annoying they can be, you can’t help but love having a little creature around.

Sitting on the couch edge right by the entrance to our apartment. They're often there to greet us when we get back from work. Unless they're darting out the apartment door.
Dolly sitting on the couch edge right by the entrance to our apartment. They’re often there to greet us when we get back from work. Unless they’re darting out the apartment door.

I hope you’ll come meet them, sisters! And I can’t wait to meet the little humans on the way!



P.S. Happy National Cat Day. HOW FITTING


3 thoughts on “Being a cat parent

  1. Well timed post Esther! Animals are like baby prep. That video of you talking to Deuc was crazy. Was he making the chirping noises? What cute kitties you have.

    1. The whistles are me. So the video goes “whistle, whistle, meow, whistle, meow, whistle” and then he walks over to me


  2. Salvador and Frida welcome their new cat cousins 🙂 I hope I can come meet them sometime soonish. I’m a big fan of black cats. Hope you’re all happy together for a long time.

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