Exclusive Sneak Peak

It is tech weekend. I spent 9 hours in the auditorium today, working with the amazing student technicians to get the stage, set, lights, and sound equipment ready for the tech rehearsal tomorrow. We’ll add all the lighting  and sound effect cues and costumes tomorrow, Monday we’ll add the wireless mics and the pit, Tuesday we’ll fine tune, Wednesday is the full dress, and then the show. Here’s an exclusive picture of the tree we were building from fabric today. Shh. Don’t tell anyone that I’m letting out pictures of the set ahead of time. IMG_4628

This part is fun, when the actors know their parts well enough to really explore them and all the pieces start coming together. In a week I will be able to catch up on sleep, and will have some time off to see family and friends and prep for the last few weeks of classes. For now I enjoy this rushcrazybusycollaborativecreative time. Mom asked me today (in a loving, teasing way, as she was leaving after helping iron costumes for two hours) if I have had enough counseling classes yet to figure out what makes me crazy enough to spend all day sewing a decorative set piece. Nope. I mean, I’ve learned about flow and that pretty accurately describes how I feel sometimes working with the actors, but the work today was something different. Whatever it is, I’m having fun.

Love, as always, your crazy oldest sister.

P.S. Mom has been amazing. She has been at rehearsal every day this week, helping the actors with their music, accompanying dance rehearsals, helping with costumes and prop space organization, and often bringing me food. I would not feel near as sane (relative term, I know) without her help and encouragement. Since I know you’re reading this, thank you, Mama. Thank you, thank you.


4 thoughts on “Exclusive Sneak Peak

  1. I have always enjoyed doing musicals, even though they are a TON of work. It is fun to see you work with the students. It seems you have found your calling. You are very good at doing this. And as a mother, I want to make sure my precious daughter makes it through grad school and keeps her sanity and her health! 🙂 The show is going to be very good, and you should be very proud.
    Love you… Mom

  2. I am so glad you have found work you love and throw yourself into with abandon, and work that uses your many creative skills. Of course we who love you worry about your health and sleep and nutrition during these times but you always pull through. I think I will be able to see this show! And it might be Eve’s first time to the theater. 🙂 She will probably sleep through it but I’m super excited.

  3. It looks amazing Janna! I wish I could be there. The fact that you are willing to work so hard at it and sacrifice so much shows how much you love it, and I think that is amazing and inspiring.

  4. How I wish I could see your show! I think you, me and Mom would be a musical theater dream team! Someday I’ll live close enough I can help out and see shows :-). Love that you love this and do such great work!

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