Happy Thanksgiving!

We were scattered far and wide for the holiday, so we’re gathering here to share our Thanksgivings.

Janna here. I was back at the family ‘stead for the day. It was a cozy, low-key (at least for me) Thanksgiving. Mom wouldn’t let me do any cooking or anything ahead of time, so I lazed at home for the morning. My car is in the shop all week, getting body work done, so Dad picked me up. Mom and I got the final preparations together, Dad had Handel’s oratorio on Samson playing in the background, and we had a quiet, delicious lunch together: turkey roasted with herbs and citrus, cranberry spinach salad with pears and poppy seed dressing, mashed roasted squash, mashed potatoes, stuffing, homemade gravy, and some bread from Wegmans that Dad likes a lot.

Buckwalter Thanksgiving 2014

After the dishes were done and food put away, we sat for a bit and then went for a walk, up the road a little past the Stubbs’ old house. The sour cream apple pie lived up to its promise–delicious. Mom and Dad finished up the version of Great Expectations that they started watching the night before. I hope your celebrations went well. I’m thankful, among many things, for you and your families, for Mom and Dad, for my house and kitterses, for my many good friends and family members, for the opportunity of an education, for a job I enjoy, and that there are only two weeks left in the semester ;). Besos.

Jewel here: Like usual, I didn’t get a picture of our celebration. It felt funny trying to get a picture of someone else’s family! We were invited to a family friend’s house for Thanksgiving and got to join in on 4 generations celebrating the holiday. It was lovely to be with a friendly, open and generous family who made us feel very welcome. A set of in laws were there who were Rutgers alumni from 40 years ago, so we got to compare memories of our times in NJ. I provided the desserts, a pumpkin cheesecake and a pumpkin pie. Both were delicious, though the cheesecake was the clear winner. Our afternoon included a few rounds of bingo with the grandkids, teaching a bit of a song to one of them as well, and playing the piano for a few tenors on “Way-Faring Stranger.”

Here's a picture to get you in the Christmas spirit and so you can see the baby bump!
Here’s a picture to get you in the Christmas spirit and so you can see the baby bump!

We are so thankful for a new place that has been so welcoming and that we are thriving in our new home and jobs. I am thankful for a healthy pregnancy, a settled house, new friends; I am so very very thankful for my loving family who I miss muchly, for old friends who stay in touch with us, for the promise of a beautiful Advent/Christmas season. Sisters, I love and miss you all.

Rachel here: I spent Thanksgiving with my other family–my wonderful in-laws. I am lucky to have a second family that I love spending time with. Thanksgiving this year was hosted by Krestia’s brother Nate, who lives in windmill country, on the Tug Hill Plateau in Lowville, NY. It’s very rural, with windmills everywhere–including in their backyard. I always take too many pictures of the windmills, and they never quite capture the size and presence of those things. Here’s my best attempt this trip (out the car window):


We arrived and sat down to the feast pretty quickly. The food was delicious, if a bit unconventional. There was turkey, but no stuffing, mashed potatoes, or gravy (I did miss those side dishes a little…). The potatoes were sliced and roasted in the oven, with Parmesan, onions and garlic. There was a green salad with beets and feta and cucumbers. I brought a small dish of roasted Brussels sprouts, because Miriam loves them so much. Krestia’s mother made no-knead bread. I took a quick (out of focus) photo of the dinner table, shortly before we sat down:


Dessert was the show-stopper event. Krestia’s sister Naphtali runs a sandwich shop in Maine with her husband Rich. She does all the baking for the shop, so she brought most of the desserts. These included coconut cream pie, carrot cake, pumpkin roll with caramel sauce, and an apple tart. I brought a pumpkin pie (made with butternut squash puree) and an apple cake. Here’s the dessert table:


We settled in for the afternoon, eating dessert (and having seconds…and thirds!), lounging on the couch, watching movies and playing with the kids. Miriam is lucky to have a plethora of girl cousins on the DeGeorge side. Here’s Aunt Naphtali on the couch with most of the kids (Alivia and Eve are missing):

cousins on the couch
From left: Kailee, Esther, Lael, Naphtali, Miriam and Lydia

And finally, the star of the afternoon was, of course, the almost three week old Eve. Her Grandma DeGeorge held her for quite a long time and kept asking Miriam, “can I take your baby sister home? She’s so sweet and snuggly.” Miriam said no. šŸ™‚

olivia with eve

Some people went snowmobiling outside, but I decided to be warm, cozy and lazy indoors. We had a nice afternoon and headed home around 6 pm. Eve slept wonderfully in the car both ways (it’s about a 2.5 hour drive). I am so thankful for a baby who travels well! Looking forward to bringing her to Alfred in a few weeks and spending time with most of you at Christmas, dear sisters.

Esther here:

My thanksgiving with my new in-laws was lovely. Marcus’s brother cooked up a storm! The plate below has turkey, ham, stuffing, corn pudding, Brussels sprouts, candied yams, Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes… I’m probably forgetting something! Oh collard greens. I find the addition of collard greens and Mac and cheese an interesting cultural difference brought in by Marcus’s black, southern roots!

Dessert was two bought pies and my homemade apple crumb pies. They didn’t turn out amazingly but people seemed to like them! I accidentally put brown sugar in the filling of one instead of white sugar. I thought it tasted too molassesy, but everyone liked that one better weirdly enough!

This thanksgiving I’m so thankful for my new husband, his family, our cats, my job, my family, my friends, clean water, heat during cold winters, and good food!


Martha, we miss you and hope that you had a lovely day in Ireland, even if you weren’t celebrating American Thanksgiving!


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. We made venison stew and mashed potatoes, which felt appropriately harvest-y šŸ™‚ The venison came to us for free from a neighbor, and there isn’t anything more Irish than potatoes! I wish I took a picture. Funny that we are all scattered so far and wide for Thanksgiving!

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