Dear sisters,

I think I have entered into full blown nesting mode. Kevin and I have always been hard core nesters at heart. We lived within an hour of two of the coolest cities in the country-NYC and Philly-and spent very little time in either of them. We’d rather spend a weekend at home, gardening and baking and rearranging furniture, than spending money (that could go towards things for our house!) for a day of exploring. When we want to explore we go to state parks, gardens, historic sites and soak up the beautiful nature/history where it feels incredible to just be in the presence of so much beauty. I rarely feel that way in a city. I might enjoy them more if the city was empty. That would be cool. Anyways, back to nesting.

I’ve gotten into baking bread, at least one loaf a week. If I’m going to entertain I make the famous no knead bread because it gets eaten up in one sitting. I never find it quite as amazing the second day, and if I make it for just Kevin and I, we tend to stuff ourselves with its deliciousness. I have been singing this recipe’s praises to every one who even mentions that they might want to start baking bread. It is SO EASY! For just the two of us though, I tend to make whole wheat sandwich loaves that I can have with eggs for breakfast or turn into yummy sandwiches for Kevin’s lunch if I haven’t planned enough leftovers. Today I made this honey whole wheat recipe, though one of my favorites has been this oatmeal sandwich loaf. I also made more decadent cheese rolls for a meal with friends recently that was delicious. Oo! And I made some fresh pita a few weeks ago that was delicious, though not all of it puffed up perfectly, the ones that did made me feel very triumphant.

I find the feeling of making something that I might normally buy very fulfilling. If I’ve forgotten to pick up mayonnaise or flour tortillas or hot cocoa mix it makes me happier to just make them! Though we can walk 5 minutes to a wonderful grocery store (which we did recently to get toothbrushes!), if I don’t have to leave home, I’m happy!


First project in the new home, stockings made from a wool skirt that shrunk in the wash.
First project in the new home, stockings made from a wool skirt that shrunk in the wash.

Clashing with this nesting impulse is the desire to be back in Western NY with family, to take a fun trip to Ireland to visit Martha and family and witness the beautiful life they have there, and take a “babycation,” a trip to some place relaxing for Kevin and I. In a week or so I’ll get to be back in Western NY, so that’s taken care of. A trip to Ireland’s going to be a dream for awhile, and the best babycation Kevin and I can probably afford is a trip to an indoor water park nearby for some heated indoor pool swimming. Mmm, a lazy river sounds great right now. It’s better to be grateful for what we’ve got right here instead of longing for trips. I’ll soak up all the family I can in the 8 days we’re home!

A sneak peek at my homemade gift for the kids of the family. A cloth-bound photo album.
A sneak peek at my homemade gift for the kids of the family. A cloth-bound photo album.

It’s fun to see how full and lovely our lives in La Crosse are now. It’s incredible to think that we arrived here October 1st and hardly knew anyone, lived in a one bedroom itty bitty cottage in Minnesota for a month, made do with 2 pots and 2 pans and ate off of plastic plates. Now we’re settled in our amazing house that we coo over every day (how did get so lucky to have all this space?! AND live within a mile of a movie theater? Life is good), we both have jobs that we love (in particular, I love that mine has introduced me to new friends and is part time, that rocks), and we’re halfway through to meeting our baby boy!

Love you all!

4 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. An empty city seems to me like something out of a dystopian YA novel. The heated indoor water park sounds wonderful though. Even better is having you here–see you soon!! Hope I don’t have to wait too long before I see your house. I’m excited for you that you have a place that you love so much.

  2. There is beauty in a city too, in the architecture and skyscrapers, and the great people watching, and the awesome art museums and culture! I enjoyed living in London for three months and exploring the city as a college student. City outings are more stressful now with kids, and yes, they are so expensive. I get particularly grumpy about paying a million dollars to park a car anywhere in a city.
    I love the stockings and all the bread you are making! I’m excited to cook and bake delicious things with you all week!

  3. I can’t wait to see the books you made for the kids! You are such an inspiration with all your cooking and baking from scratch 🙂 I know how you feel bout the city, Bradley and I are bit like that too. We live only 45 minutes away from Dublin but hardly ever go, but instead drive all over Ireland to visit old cemeteries and churches and find ruins in farmers’ fields.

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