Our blog isn’t only about babies, it just seems like it sometimes…


Our blog is a bit baby crazy it seems, not that I mind too much. It will be sweet to look back at our posts about new babies and pregnancy in 5 or 10 years and see how much has changed. Friends and sisters who want to hear about other aspects of my life, be patient. Hopefully next week we’ll get some new perspectives, including a special guest post from two devoted husbands that isn’t baby related :-). Now, onto MORE BABY TALK!

I’m at week 26 and things are getting real! The baby moves a lot more, especially when my bladder is full. Lately, I’ll feel the need to go and it is urgent, because baby will start moving around and kicking up a storm. We went to see the Hobbit and baby boy seemed to really like it, he kicked so much Kevin could feel it too. We’re the weirdos in the movie theater now. Imagine, a thrilling fight scene on screen, and a pregnant lady with her husband’s hand on her belly, beaming. It seems extra special when Kevin can feel it too.

There are a few ways in which pregnancy is really helping me out. I think it’s keeping me warmer in this wickedly cold WI weather. My tummy never feels cold. Though my face and hands want to die if they’re not covered up. Whenever I see temperatures over 15 I get excited. This coming week is going to be warm!

Last week’s forecast for La Crosse, WI:
Inline image 2


While teaching a voice lesson this week I was using a breathing image that I’ve used for awhile: I was telling a student to imagine a little person inside their abdomen. As she lets the breathe out, it’s like the little person is pushing back and keeping you from exhaling too quickly (also, imagine trash compactor scene from Star Wars). My student said, you actually have a little person in there! We laughed about that, imagining little baby boy pushing back.

I like that my bump is pretty apparent now, so people usually don’t have to guess if I’m pregnant or not. I haven’t had random people talking to me about it yet, though I’m guessing that comes as the belly gets more and more obvious.

Looking at the beautiful bluffs out of our window while Kevin told me to stop looking at him.

In many ways I can’t wait til our baby is here and my body goes back to normal. Then I won’t have to guess how my body will react to things. Working an 8 hour shift at the library is exhausting, whereas pre pregnancy it would be fine. My pre pregnancy body could handle bending and standing up over and over again as I shelve and check things, now 4 hours on my feet is about all I can handle. I’m envious of my coworkers who bustle about with almost endless energy, I want to say, “I’m not usually this slow! I promise!”

I’ve gotten back into yoga and stretching after the 2 week break of traveling and spending time with friends. It seems to really help me, but it seems like for no reason I’ll get random aches in random places. the right side of my ribcage or my inner left thigh joint will hurt for a bit for seemingly no reason. I’ve taken baths often this week to warm up from the cold and soothe any tired muscles and it’s delightful. I’ve always been good at pampering myself!

I don’t catch myself being surprised by my baby belly anymore and it seems real that we’re having a baby. Having our pack n play set up in our bedroom has helped me believe baby boy is coming. There are still moments where I am overwhelmed by all the feelings that I can’t articulate about us becoming parents soon. I know how much I’ll love being a mom, I know how amazing it will be to see Kevin be a dad, I cannot wait, and at the same time I’m completely shocked and a bit melancholy that soon it won’t be just us anymore. Oh hormones and feelings, why are you so volatile sometimes!

Love you all,

2 thoughts on “Our blog isn’t only about babies, it just seems like it sometimes…

  1. I love that scene in the movie theater! So sweet.
    Yeah, rib and leg pain are pretty normal during pregnancy. Did you know that your rib cage actually expands when you are pregnant and never goes back to how it was before? I will never be able to zip up my wedding dress because my ribs are too wide now and the dress was tight fitting to begin with.
    So excited for baby boy to arrive! It is a huge life change. Go out for more movies while you can. I haven’t seen a movie at a theater in ages…

  2. There are no complaints from me about the baby posts. I love hearing about baby stuff. I’m excited for you, and can understand the melancholy. I’m excited to see you as a mom.

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