Guest Post: Ideologies and Struggles from Marcus Epps

Ideologies and Struggles

Pedagogy of Males in a Female-Dominated Household

By the Tall Dark Handsome One


Me: “Look, Esther, Kevin set rules and guidelines for himself. I have no intentions of doing that.”

Esther: “You really should though.”

So, here are a few things that my wife instructed me to do when writing my section of the post:

  1. No morbid sarcasm (emphasis hers)
  2. Piggyback (or “froggyhop,” as she said in a moment of mental weakness) off of past posts for inspiration
  3. Try not to just make fun of me the whole time

Isn’t there some saying that goes like, “Listen to your wife, or sleep on the couch for life”? Maybe I just made that up; in that case: ©2015.

Similarly to Kevin’s wife, Esther has asked me to talk about what it’s like to be part of the Buckwalter family (Aagaard, 2015). To illustrate what it is like in my mind, let’s step into the world of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.


Chapter 1

We’ll start with Kwame, from Zimbabwe, whose element is earth and represents Janna. Both are from Africa and have their own greenhouses (Janna’s house is the closest a human home can get to a greenhouse). He is the leader of the group and the voice of reason.

Wheeler controls the element of fire and lightning. This is Rachel; although she’s little, she has a fire within her and does not take crap from anyone.  You have been warned; trust me on that.

Gi controls the power of water and is a marine biologist. This is Martha; both Martha and Gi are the scientist tomboys of the group. They both also seem to have moments of strong emotion and impulsiveness.


Linka controls the power of wind and is the girly girl, like Jewel. Linka also has a special connection to birds, which is funny because Jewel is a songbird and is married to BirdMan himself (image at left).

Ma-Ti is from South America and has the power of heart. He instills compassion in others and is the youngest of the group. This is my lady Esther, mostly because she’s an emotional peacemaker and the baby of the family. It helps that Ma-Ti is from Brazil and Esther loves everything Latin American.

As for Captain Planet: when the powers of the Planeteers are combined, Captain Planet forms. He is the culmination of the Planeteers’ powers and fights the bad guys that are polluting the planet and messing with the Planeteers. Captain Planet is represented by the sisters’ parents, because they are always willing to fight any “baddies” that their daughters may encounter throughout life and also, between the two of them, have pretty much all of the Planeteers’ characteristics.

BeNiceThe brothers-in-law represent the eco-villains, because let’s be honest, we all need our wives to keep us in check.

Disclaimer: *** For Rachel and Jewel: I would advise not reading the history between Wheeler and Linka in order to avoid any incestuous connotations.

Chapter 2

Overall, the Buckwalter family is an interesting bunch in my eyes. Growing up for me, when you saw a relative you hadn’t seen for a while, be it extended or immediate, here are some of the things that we would say:

  • “Well, as time goes on, you’re not getting any prettier.”
  • “Is that dress getting smaller or are you just getting bigger?”
  • “Oh, you finally cut your hair! You don’t look like a runaway slave anymore.”

My soon-to-be 98-year-old grandmother is actually the biggest offender for most of these. When our family members aren’t around, we’re sweet, kind, and all the qualities that the Buckwalters seem to possess when they’re AROUND each other. But somehow we missed the memo that you’re supposed to be sweet to people to their face, which is a skill that I barely have my yellow belt in.

Findings and Conclusion

In conclusion, I’m excited to witness the unfolding tale of Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Buckwalter Edition. Who knows, maybe someday they’ll make peace with the eco-villains, but until that time, the war rages on.



Aagaard, K.J. (2015). Ramblings and musings: Stream of consciousness from a grown-up child. Wisconsin, La Tigre, Inc.

Handsome One, The Tall Dark (2015). Ideologies and struggles: Pedagogy of males in a female-dominated household. New York:     Somewhere-Over-the-Rainbow Press.


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