4 Stories (and belly shot!)

Dear sisters, Archer, Era, and I are lucky to live with one of the best photographers I know.  And even if a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes I can’t resist the urge to also add a few more words.  So with Bradley’s permission I’m expounding on some of his recent uploads, because I  wish that I could write his flickr descriptions sometimes. In October, we travelled around the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry.  The weather was, frankly, miserable, as is invariably the case with the West Coast of Ireland.  We stopped at a beautiful rocky beach in a brief sunny spell to play. I was clambering around the rocks, as I am wont to do (rocky beaches being one of my very favorite things), while Era slept in the car and Bradley snapped photos.  As the waves crashed in, I scrambled up on a rock and turned around to see Archer rolling in the waves, swept up in a wave that had gone higher than the others.  It was one of the most helpless moments of my life, seeing him roll over and over in the (relatively shallow) water as it moved in and out.  Bradley was standing on a nearby rock, reaching his arm out to grab him and assessing the situation to see if it was worth jumping in or not.  And like that, the wave was gone and it was over, with a sobbing, soaking little boy covered in sand and salt water.  I felt like a superhero as I dashed to the car and grabbed our handy vintage felted wool blanket (a thrift score at 2€).  Archer kept saying, ‘thank you mommy, thank you mommy’ as I wrapped him up. I’m more of a ‘go-with-the-flow’ type (I’m not allowed to pack the kids’ clothes for vacation anymore) so this was a parenting win. Continue reading “4 Stories (and belly shot!)”


36 weeks: Jewel’s turn

36 weeks
36 weeks and I have a basketball belly! This is my normal home attire. Leggings or yoga pants, sometimes I wear a massive XL sweatshirt, but that does not photograph well.

I find it sweet that back in October Rachel posted about being 36 weeks and great with child. How quickly time has flown and here I am as well! “Great with child” is a good way to describe this time. This little child is moving, kicking and making me feel off balance and front heavy. Luckily, I still feel mostly agile and am still sleeping really well through the night. Most of the worst back and hip pain came between 20-27 weeks, now my body feels pretty accepting of this large invader. Continue reading “36 weeks: Jewel’s turn”

Throwback Thursday AND My Current Mood

Alaska 2008, after days of rain and roads.
Alaska 2008, after days of rain and roads.

Alaska trip II (the one where we got there by plane, not by car), to visit Rachel and Krestia and see Jess and Jill wed. If I remember correctly, this is one of the last days of travel, stopping at the Independence Mine on our way back towards Anchorage. We had all gone that special kind of crazy we get when we’re together in cars for hours on end, with the added bonus of this day being one of the few hours of the entire trip where it wasn’t raining. Wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday AND My Current Mood”

We are what we wear!

I’ve never really been a fashionista. Growing up, I threw on basically whatever felt right, and for a long period of time that meant long jean shorts and a T-shirt! Even now, I spend the majority of my downtime in sweatpants and a T-shirt because a) they’re comfortable, b) my husband basically only ever wants to wear that type of clothing so I dress alike as an act of solidarity, and c) if I’m on a weekend trip to a family or friend’s house, it’s less to pack if I’m already wearing my pajamas! But when I do actually put on non-lounging clothes, I’ve started to notice similarities in the outfits and patterns I put on. And this has made me wonder: is there a fashion “style” that I gravitate toward?

The patterns in my closet, around my house, and even on the shirt I'm wearing today. See any trends?
The patterns in my closet, around my apartment, and even on the shirt I’m wearing today. See any trends?

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Sisters together: From whence we came

Happy Birthday Mom!


This little blog has been around for what feels like a long time now (it will be a year old in May!), and we haven’t done a proper homage to the mother of these five devoted sisters. I think her birthday is as good a time as any for us to talk about how wonderful and important she’s been in our lives. Continue reading “Sisters together: From whence we came”

Throwback Thursday: Life before kids?

Dear family and friends,

The title might seem a bit dramatic. Never fear, this post isn’t about how worried I am about losing my way of life after kids or anything like that. Rather, I was musing on how long it took me as a kid to realize my parents had a life before me or my sisters were born. It makes me laugh to think about our kids realizing the same thing. My life is the long, mostly beautiful, complicated story of Jewel. Here’s some of my favorite evidence of my “pre-kids” life:


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