Throwback Thursday: Life before kids?

Dear family and friends,

The title might seem a bit dramatic. Never fear, this post isn’t about how worried I am about losing my way of life after kids or anything like that. Rather, I was musing on how long it took me as a kid to realize my parents had a life before me or my sisters were born. It makes me laugh to think about our kids realizing the same thing. My life is the long, mostly beautiful, complicated story of Jewel. Here’s some of my favorite evidence of my “pre-kids” life:


76989_524439986904_2598085_n 262905_10150290484826069_8245132_n 309237_10151329259219338_2100872050_n 547752_10100702243864551_2047888292_n 1560584_10203241708952393_1893127403_n

As I become a more thoughtful adult, I know my parents have long beautiful ongoing stories of their own and I’m so grateful that I get to know bits of them. I feel pretty lucky that they’re my parents! Here are some of my favorite pictures of them in their earlier days (mostly before me, not necessarily before they had kids :-)).

19 corrected shrunk reformatted J&L Acadia 74 J&L w Mom B Houghton grad 73 Rachel handstand 9-81

It’s so amazing to think about all of the experiences the people you love have gone through. Not only have my parents had such interesting lives, but there are so many things I wish I could experience along with my sisters and friends and family. Maybe that’s just me being nosey ;-). I am thankful for the ways we get to share our lives using wonderful and strange methods, like this blog and facebook (is it going to be weird for my kid to look at my facebook profile someday or will that seem normal?).

Thanks for following me through my aimless musings on “life before…” Being grounded in my past helps me feel even more prepared for whatever the future may hold.


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