We are what we wear!

I’ve never really been a fashionista. Growing up, I threw on basically whatever felt right, and for a long period of time that meant long jean shorts and a T-shirt! Even now, I spend the majority of my downtime in sweatpants and a T-shirt because a) they’re comfortable, b) my husband basically only ever wants to wear that type of clothing so I dress alike as an act of solidarity, and c) if I’m on a weekend trip to a family or friend’s house, it’s less to pack if I’m already wearing my pajamas! But when I do actually put on non-lounging clothes, I’ve started to notice similarities in the outfits and patterns I put on. And this has made me wonder: is there a fashion “style” that I gravitate toward?

The patterns in my closet, around my house, and even on the shirt I'm wearing today. See any trends?
The patterns in my closet, around my apartment, and even on the shirt I’m wearing today. See any trends?

Google tells me style is “a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed” and Merriam Webster says fashion is “a distinctive or peculiar and often habitual manner or way.” I like these definitions because they confirm that fashion and style correlate to a person’s principles and habits. When you look at the patterns above, what do you see? I see a bohemian theme. Paisley patterns, leaves, flowers, funky beads… All of these point to the bohemian nature of my clothing and decor. So what does this say about my principles and habits? Well, I love nature, and I like being unconventional. I don’t know if YOU have any shirts with mirrors on them, but the shirt in the top right corner sure does 🙂 I love to travel, to draw, to dance, etc. The patterns above tie in to that, in my opinion.

However, my jewelry throws a monkey wrench into the my-style-is-bohemian hypothesis. When it comes to my jewelry, I focus on an almost vintage glamor look (see below) in addition to the bohemian feathers, stones, and wooden beads in my collection. I’m not quite sure what this says about my personality. Maybe my inner diva is hiding behind my demure nature, but I let it out through my jewelry. Maybe as a youngest child, all I really want is attention  😉 Or maybe, from a more simplistic perspective, I just really like shiny things!


Regardless of what my clothing and jewelry mean about me, I’ve enjoyed hypothesizing about how they reflect my personality. Now it’s your turn, sisters! Here are my thoughts on the intersection of your personality and your style:

Janna: In your clothing and your decor, you love deep, warm colors like red’s and purple’s. I believe this ties into your passion for theater and for connecting with people emotionally (what color is more passionate and emotional than red!?).

Rachel: You, even more than the rest of us, enjoy solid colors in your clothing. I believe this ties in to a desire for simplicity in life and your practical nature. You also tend towards elegant necklines and simplistic jewelry, showing that for you less is more, and that you prefer peace and quiet instead of drama and glamor.

Martha: You love old-fashioned coats and Audrey Hepburn-esque clothing. I believe this ties into your desire to be unconventional as well. The styles of today are not for you! You like to be a snapshot from a different era, elegant and feminine.

Jewel: You often wear comforting, cool colors like blue’s and green’s. This ties into your gentle, hospitable nature. On the other hand, you have your fancy dresses and flashy jewelry like me! This reflects the performer in you, that loves to be admired and doted upon.

Alright, I’ll end my fashion ramblings for now. I hope you’ve found them interesting!



One thought on “We are what we wear!

  1. Very interesting! I love the analysis and I think it’s spot on for me. In my pregnancy I’ve been wearing more blacks and greys, but that’s cause the maternity clothes I’ve snagged tend towards that color! I bought one red maternity shirt and every time I wear it I feel daring :-). I loved seeing sneak peeks of your shorter hair. You need to post some more profile pics of it short! Or we need to video hangout sometime so I can see it in motion!

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