36 weeks: Jewel’s turn

36 weeks
36 weeks and I have a basketball belly! This is my normal home attire. Leggings or yoga pants, sometimes I wear a massive XL sweatshirt, but that does not photograph well.

I find it sweet that back in October Rachel posted about being 36 weeks and great with child. How quickly time has flown and here I am as well! “Great with child” is a good way to describe this time. This little child is moving, kicking and making me feel off balance and front heavy. Luckily, I still feel mostly agile and am still sleeping really well through the night. Most of the worst back and hip pain came between 20-27 weeks, now my body feels pretty accepting of this large invader.

Kelcy enjoying one of my changing pads. I made one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

Right now the baby seems to be hanging out head down (yay! stay that way!) with his back curled up on my left or right side, depending on his mood. Every once in awhile he pushes his back hard against my stomach and makes it look very asymmetrical, like a strange blob is trying to escape. I only have two pairs of maternity pants, jeans that go all the way over the belly and a pair of grey pants that have a tighter elastic band under the belly. Whenever I wear the grey pants the baby moves down and presses as hard as he can against the band at the front. If I need to get him to move down and get in position for labor I’ll just have to put those pants on and wait half an hour.

I created storage for baby things on our main floor in the bathroom drawers. Here are newborn/cloth diapers, blankets, cloth diapers, burp clothes. The drawer underneath has clothes, board books and random little toys.

Work has been lovely. Time at home has also been lovely. I spent awhile last week sewing away. I made homemade wipes, changing pads, a few little stuffed animals. I’ve also been freezing meals for after the baby comes. So far I’ve stocked up on some homemade mac and cheese (YUM! I could eat it all now), chicken spaghetti from the Pioneer Woman, beans with cumin and peppers for tacos or soup or beans and rice (most versatile frozen food ever),  as well as a variety of frozen veggies and some pizza dough. I still need to bake some bread and maybe a pie or two for celebration. Of course I have two types of cookie dough (ranger and chocolate chip) in the freezer, but that’s normal life, not pregnant life ;-).

This is our IKEA storage unit upstairs in our bedroom for the baby. He will be sleeping in a pack n play in our room for awhile since the other bedroom is down a flight of stairs.

Kevin and I are getting so excited to meet our baby! Kevin is especially antsy. Since we’ve prepared as much as we think we can prepare for something so life changing, it’s hard to just sit and wait for it to happen! The other day Kevin walked by our pack and play and shouted at it, “I want to see a baby in here!!” In the morning he’ll talk to the baby and ask if maybe he wants to come today. A part of me is happy to wait a few more weeks. I’m loving these last few days/weeks of just me and Kevin, watching tv, nesting and going on small adventures around La Crosse. I know it’s going to be so amazing to have a baby thrown into the mix, but I’ll cherish this way of life until it’s time to welcome our baby.

I’m also oddly kind of excited about labor and delivery. I’ve read so much about it, heard about it from my sisters, and I’m so curious to see what it is like. Kevin is ready to be my coach and I’m trusting that we’re going to be a good team to get through this intense process. There is some definite trepidation, I’m not so naive as to think it’ll be easy or pleasant. However, I feel confident that my body can, amazingly enough, give birth to the squirming baby in my belly.

I don’t think I’m forgetting anything, am I? I could probably ramble on about being pregnant for another 500 words, but I don’t know if it would make much sense. All in all, I’ve felt so lucky as a pregnant woman. I’ve had few issues/discomforts and my schedule has been such that I haven’t had to overdue anything. If anything I’ve probably been too lazy ;-). I’m sure I’ll look back on this pregnancy as a blissful time in the next few busy years of parenting.

A typical work outfit. I am posing in front of our new kitchen cart in the breakfast nook.



5 thoughts on “36 weeks: Jewel’s turn

  1. I loved reading this Jewel, I can’t wait to see what he looks like and what kind of little person he grows into! It is an incredible journey and I wish we were closer to share it ‘in person’. You have done such a good job preparing the house and your freezer! The waiting is the difficult part, everyone says ‘enjoy it while you can!’ but it is hard to enjoy it when you are anticipating what’s next so much!

  2. I love this of course! It’s fun to see you in my maternity clothes. I keep wishing I could come take care of you after the baby is here but you are so well prepared by cooking ahead, and I’m sure Kevin wouldn’t let me clean the house anyway. 😉 You will be great! It is such a huge change. Can’t wait to meet Calvin.

  3. I needed to read this again. If you were close, I would be patting your baby belly fondly every once in a while. I love Kevin’s yelling at the pack n play! So cute and so Kevin! Having your first baby is an amazing event. It does change your life forever!

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