Standard Recipes: Beet(root) and Apple Salad

Dear sisters, Considering how much all of us love cooking, we haven’t talked about it very much in this space.  And I’ve been thinking lately about the recipes we make over and over, the ones we have memorised.  The recipes that when you are given an ingredient, you know exactly what you’ll make. So I hope that we all can contribute some of our standards! A few months ago we started getting a weekly produce box, which is quite similar to a CSA share but not quite so much commitment, i.e. no share payment up front.  Ours is from our local Camphill community, which means it is lovingly tended and organically grown by volunteers and persons with intellectual disabilities living in community.  We have been groaning under the weight of carrots (so. many. carrots.), potatoes, swedes (which Americans call ‘rutabagas’), parsnips,  leeks, and cabbage, so much so that we’ve gone down to getting our veg box once every other week.  Good winter crops, all, and it makes the greens more special when they show up.  We’ve struggled to use all our root veg this winter, but there is one vegetable that never goes to waste.  Whenever we have beets (or beetroot, as they call it here), we make beet and apple salad.

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Calvin’s birth story: be careful what you wish for…

Dear sisters,

Remember 8 days ago when I posted about life at 38 weeks and said “Waiting is the hardest part?” HAH. If only I’d known that the next morning labor would start around 5am with mild, confusing contractions that turned into active labor by 11am and had me delivering a baby boy into a birthing tub by 2:52pm. What a whirlwind it was. But let me start from the beginning and give more details. I love oversharing and find birth stories to be fascinating. For those of you out there who are curious about labor/delivery/recovery, this post is for you. If you never want to know the details of birth or would prefer to think the stork brings babies, check back next week for less intimately detailed posts.

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My Top 5 Cities

Marcus and I recently went to explore Toronto together. We live right by the Peace Bridge to Canada but had never crossed it, so over Easter weekend we decided it was high time! We booked ourselves a cheap, sketchy hotel, made reservations at a restaurant in Little Portugal with live jazz and Latin music, and took recommendations from friends on where to eat brunch at the next morning (Dineen Coffee, in case you’re curious. Sandwiches on fresh baguette bread = so gooooodd). Going to Toronto got me thinking about my love of new places. Some of my favorite memories across my 23 years of existence are of seeing new cities or new natural wonders. SO I decided to try my hand at travel blogging and do a post on my 5 favorite cities that I’ve been to. Naturally, this has to come with a disclaimer. I haven’t been to some of the iconic cities in the world: New Orleans, Prague, Venice, Rome, etc. But I’ve explored a fair number of places in the US, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Indonesia, and Singapore, and below are the five cities that left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling and why: Continue reading “My Top 5 Cities”

This and That: Waiting is the hardest part

Dear sisters,

Here I am at 38 weeks, expecting to have a baby any day, but also hoping that he waits til next week to come. I have two concerts this weekend that I would love to sing in, so anytime after Sunday at 5pm is fine by me! While I want to wait, I feel antsy at the same time. Physically I’m pretty comfortable still. I’ve slept so wonderfully the past two nights, waking up briefly to use the bathroom, but falling right back asleep. Being on my feet for a long period of time can tire me out, but luckily I have a few days/afternoons at home each week when I can be lazy or take a bath if I’m feeling achy. It’s nice to have 3 mornings of work at the library, keeping me semi active and breaking up my waiting time.  Continue reading “This and That: Waiting is the hardest part”

Throwback Thursday: that time we went to Hawaii

Dear sisters,

I am having one of those weeks. The learning curve with two children has been rough. This week I’m feeling it a lot. Every day I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to do all the things. Give the baby an antibiotic for her ear infection! Pump 2-3 times a day! Work 8 hours every day! Try to keep up with the laundry! Pay the bills on time! Remember to take back the overdue library books! Buy a birthday present for the five year old to take to a party this Saturday! Look at houses because we’re supposed to buy a house this summer! Try to get enough sleep! Probably I’m not drinking enough water, especially for a breastfeeding mother!

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