Kentucky Calling!

Well, sisters, it’s crazy to think that in 7 short weeks Marcus and I will be living in Kentucky! For those reading this that haven’t yet heard: Marcus accepted a great job in Berea, Kentucky (40 minutes southeast of Lexington, if you’re like me and had no idea where that is). He’ll be working in the Center for Transformative Learning at Berea College, a small Christian liberal arts school that charges NO tuition and only accepts promising students that come from disadvantaged economic backgrounds. It has a strong, readily apparent commitment to service and sustainability, so it seems like Marcus and I will fit in well in the town! I’ve got some job applications and an interview in the area under my belt, so we’re excited to see what the town has in store of us.

In our most recent trip, we looked at some houses and apartments and decided on a bright, open apartment. It’s bigger and beautifull-er than our place right now, and less expensive! It doesn’t have the woodwork and high ceilings of our current 1860’s-mansion-turned-apartment, but the open layout and large kitchen are simply lovely. We’ve got a cute little balcony too. I can’t wait for you all to come visit (HINT HINT HINT)! It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, so we’ll even have a guest suite for you 😉 unlike you visiting us in Buffalo and Janna, Jewel, and I sleeping in our bed, with Marcus and Kevin on the couch and fouton… (that was still very fun though.)

IMG_1125 IMG_1122 IMG_1123IMG_1117

I’m curious to see what living in the South will be like. We were in Kentucky Monday and Tuesday, and my observations are this: horses are a big deal there! The derby is the talk of every town, and there was a huge picture of horses over our hotel bed. Also, people are very welcoming and have a slightly slower pace of life. Our waitress one night sat at the table with us for a little bit! Thirdly, the accents of Kentuckians range from barely noticeable to thicker than molasses. Marcus and I chuckled that for our landlord (the itty bitty lady in one of the apartment photos above), the word “can’t” rhymes with “paint.” And some seem to make “New York” into three syllables: “New Yohh-errrk!”


Moving does get us thinking about all the things in Buffalo/Western New York (WNY) that we will miss. Here’s an abbreviated list for you: 1) All the water! It’s everywhere! The great lakes, rivers, Niagara Falls… It will be strange to be in a place where water isn’t so abundant.


2) The parks in Buffalo. We particularly like Delaware and LaSalle, our two most common walking grounds in the past two years.


3) Our church. We really got so lucky that my coworker/friend Nick showed us Resurrection Life Church in Cheektowaga. There is a great group of young adults that we love to hang out with, and in fact a great group of people of all ages! We have met so many kind, funny, loving people there. We will miss that community a lot. 4) The food. I almost tried wings in Kentucky but I got scared they wouldn’t be as good! We love Lloyd’s taco truck, Koi Sushi (all you can eat!!), Colter Bay (pub/diner), and so many more locations. 5) The breweries and wineries. We’re moving to a dry town, which is funny! I’ll miss places like Resurgence, Flying Bison, etc. We aren’t at a brewery in the picture below, but Marcus looks so cute in it I’m posting it anyway.


6) All the culture. Dance events, parades, reggaeton blaring out of cars at the stoplight by our apartment. Buffalo is a beautifully diverse place!


7) Our friends, family, coworkers, and bosses. Obviously, duh. There are too many of you to list. We love you! Come visit! Some of you won’t be in WNY anyway, but we’ll still miss you.

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8) The winters in Buffalo. HAHAHAHA just kidding we’re not really going to miss that part at all.

Anyway, those are all my thoughts for now. Who knows, maybe in a couple months I’ll be an expert in horse racing and speak with a southern accent…

Love, Esther

5 thoughts on “Kentucky Calling!

  1. Oh, number 8 made me laugh. I’m excited for you. It will be a big change and bring unknown things, and that is that fun combination of scary and exciting. I’ll miss having you close by.

  2. The south is a funny place. I am still adjusting after my move from Buffalo. Here are some tips.

    a) Crayons are pronounced Crowns.
    b) Every business and school will close if it “snows”. The amount or duration of snow has no impact on this. One snow flake is all it takes.
    c) Farmer’s markets go almost the entire year. Yay produce!
    d) Gas prices are awesome.
    e) You will be unable to tolerate NY weather after living in the south. Just bring all your sweaters with you when you visit home, no matter what the season is.

    Good luck 🙂

  3. County Kildare (where we live) and Kentucky are supposedly the two best places for horses in the world!! We haven’t learned very much about horses though, still, just that you have to have a lot of money to be involved with them. I can see you and Marcus getting all dressed up to go to the horse races though 🙂 It sounds like a really great opportunity for Marcus and a wonderful place to live, I’m excited for you!

  4. So, once I moved back to western NY I thought I gave instructions that henceforth all sisters had to remain in western NY. You are not following instructions!! 🙂 I’m excited for you guys. Watch out world, here you come!

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