6 years/6 months

Dear sisters,

This month, my kids are 6 months old and 6 years old. Eve turned 6 months old on May 7th, and Miriam turned six years old on May 17th. It has felt like a pretty big month for both of them. I’ve been watching my girls grow so fast and wanting to share some of the new things they are doing with you all.

Eve is more alert and interactive every day. She is the happiest little baby. Everywhere I go, I get comments about her. She has big bright eyes, and she looks at everyone, and breaks into a huge grin when someone notices her and smiles at her. I get a lot of comments that she should be a Gerber baby. I had a “Ithaca moment” with her a week or so ago. We were at the Ithaca Bakery for lunch. Eve was in the stroller and was grabbing her feet, like this:

happy baby
Happy baby


An older woman stopped and stared, and smiled. She said to me, “she’s doing happy baby!” And I said, “Is that a yoga pose?” (side note: I may be the only person left in Ithaca who does not do yoga) and she said, “Yes! She’s doing it perfectly!” It was pretty great. The following week, this was the cover of the New Yorker. Way to be a trendsetter, Eve.

Eve is now 15 lbs, and quickly growing out of her 6 month clothing. Miriam was 17 lbs at a year. Eve will likely get to 17 lbs by 9 months, or even sooner. She is a good eater, and getting really into eating solid food. I’m doing baby-led weaning with her and it’s been great–so relaxing! It’s fun to watch her figure out how to get food into her mouth. She has gagged a few times but hasn’t choked on anything. Mostly she gets frustrated because she drops food all the time.

one of her first solid foods: bib
one of her first solid foods: bib

Her development is happening so fast! She is starting to sit up for brief periods of time. She grabs at everything within her reach, and puts it in her mouth. She always smiles at her sister’s crazy antics. She is such a delightful baby.

Speaking of her sister, I now have a six year old in the house, and one that is almost done with kindergarten! She is also growing so fast and changing in front of my eyes. She has entered a really silly phase. She loves to laugh and make other people laugh. Six year old humor mostly involves butts, I’m learning. A few days ago we went to the Sciencenter together and I thought I’d take a picture of the two of us together. Despite my instructions for her to smile nicely for the photo, this is what I got:

mirror room at sciencenter
In the mirror closet

I think she had a good birthday. I brought cupcakes into school and enjoyed seeing her interact with other kids and teachers there. She has gained a lot of confidence over the past year. She loves her teacher and has learned so much. She was reading before starting kindergarten, and is now reading at a third grade level. Her teacher joked with me that Miriam is ready to start fourth grade next year! Last night she stayed up too late reading. She reads during meals, she reads when she’s supposed to be getting ready for school, she reads in the car. It seems that we may have a bookworm on our hands, surprise surprise!

Wearing her birthday crown
Wearing her birthday crown

She has her moments of being my baby still, though. She loves to be carried down the stairs when she is sleepy in the mornings. At her big birthday party she got overwhelmed when everyone sang Happy Birthday, and she ran and hid behind a pole, and cried when I wanted her to blow out the candles. That was hard for me. I wanted to see her standing so happy and proud while everyone sang to her, and instead she had an anxiety attack. She has intense emotions and I am often surprised by what sets her off. Still, I think she had a good time playing with her friends and celebrating springtime. I don’t do pinterest-worthy birthday parties, but I did manage to have a flower theme for the party and I went a little nuts with the cupcakes. They were so fun! I used marshmallows to make petals, like this:

mini marshmallows make prettier ones, but they take a lot more time!
mini marshmallows make prettier ones, but they take a lot more time!

As my girls grow and change, I am enjoying watching their relationship develop. I love seeing them interact. Eve always has a huge smile for Miriam, even if Miriam is doing something a little too rough with Eve. Eve has started pulling Miriam’s hair which is an interesting new development. Miriam hates to wear her hair up so it’s always conveniently dangling in Eve’s face. Recently Miriam has been expressing frustration when Eve cries. Today Eve was sitting up for a bit on our bed, then tipped over. I asked Miriam to help prop Eve back up again. She tried but it didn’t work, and Eve’s cries got louder. Miriam ran out of the room and yelled, “I never wanted a baby sister anyway!” It was amusing. I have to remind Miriam that Eve can’t talk to tell us why she’s upset and sometimes the only thing that makes Eve stop crying is to be held, particularly held by mama. Miriam gets frustrated easily and has a very short fuse. We’re working on that.

So much of my time and energy is spent caring for these little ones, and thinking a lot about how to be the best mama I can be to them. It’s hard to remember my life without them.  I wish we were closer so we could all mother together. Janna, thank you for coming to Miriam’s birthday party! It was great to have you and I particularly enjoyed seeing you walking with Eve, trying to get her to nap. Seeing my sisters love on my kids is so nice. These letters will have to tide us over until our next gathering.

Much love,



3 thoughts on “6 years/6 months

  1. I love this post, Rach. It let me get to know your girls a better more, as it has been far too long since I last saw Miriam and I have never met sweet Eve. And your description of their differences made me think so much of my babes–Adah as the observer, book worm, shy-type and Miles the outgoing, bubbly little one. Adah was so excited for her birthday last year and spent so much time talking about her birthday cake and singing happy birthday, but when the moment came she wouldn’t blow out the candles or look up to make eye contact with anyone. I think the spotlight is a tricky space for yours and my oldest ones! I love that you are enjoying mamahood so much and watching your girls grow. Unfortunately we won’t be at the summer reunion, but I hopefully it won’t be too much longer until we see you all again. I so can’t wait for that time. xo

  2. I was so glad to be there. Walking a tired baby I love dearly was about exactly what I was good for that day–I’m glad it was enjoyable from your end, too. Love you and your girls.

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