All the things

Hi sisters,

I’ve been meditating on what to talk about here. I thought I might somehow talk about something not baby related, but realized that having a baby kind of seeps into all aspects of my life. If I were to write about cooking, I’d probably write about what it’s like cooking with a baby, or how my cooking has changed now that I have a baby. If I tried to write about what I’m watching/reading/filling my spare time with, I’d inevitably talk about how I do all of those things while nursing/burping/holding my baby. I’ve decided I’ll just start writing and see where I go. It will probably be fantastically all over the place. You’re welcome.

Hats with ears on them are the best.
Hats with ears on them are the best.

Today Calvin is napping marvelously. It is particularly marvelous because he’s happily napping while not being held. Weeks 5-7 he rarely napped for more than 30 minutes without me holding or rocking him. Luckily he still slept well at night. On his best days he takes about 4 naps a day. I know that’s going to condense down into 2-3 naps eventually and I’m hoping he’ll start sleeping in longer stretches overnight as well.

Kelcy and Calvin resting peacefully.


Right now I’m content with his sleep and how much sleep I’m getting as well. I’ve learned to be grateful for little things each day and not look to the future and anticipate the changes to come. I’m excited about every new thing he does and also very aware of how fleeting this time is, when he’s a tiny snuggly helpless baby. He’s slowly morphing into an alert, vocal, squirmy infant who I could sit and stare at all day. He’s always been a fairly vocal sleeper. He used to grunt and groan in the early morning, but he’s stopped doing that now that he’s sleeping in his pack n play and not his carseat. Somehow I’m coping with him being 5 feet away from me instead of 1. We usually bring him into bed with us for his early morning stretch from 4am-6am. He sleeps on his back on top of the firm chiropractic pillow and it brings him up to eye level, so we can snuggle up to him on the pillow and not worry about rolling onto him or smothering him with our bodies or our blankets.

I wish I could nap like this...
I wish I could nap like this…

Kevin and I feel pretty comfortable as parents now. We have a routine for the most part and it’s gotten easier to get things done and be parents. Our CSA started up for the year, so I’m having fun coming up with reasons to cook with bok choy, kohlrabi, tokyo turnips and arugula. Tonight I’m going to make glazed turnips and radishes with wilted turnip greens and green beans and wilted arugula and golden garlic. There might be meat of some kind too, we’ll see. Before Calvin I planned our meals for the week and wrote detailed grocery lists, now I’m kind of waiting to be inspired each day. A few times a week I kind of make up a dish or look up a recipe and then make something resembling the original dish but with my own spin on it. It usually works out well.

Sometimes tummy time is exhausting.
Sometimes tummy time is exhausting.

As for the fun things that fill our free time, Kevin and I are watching through Friends on Netflix, which is light hearted and fun. We manage an episode or two over dinner. During the day, when I’m rocking Calvin to sleep or nursing him I’m usually reading some kind of British historical mysteries. Some of my recent favorites are the Bess Crawford series by Charles Todd (WWI nurse solves mysteries), Charles Lennox series by Charles Finch (British MP/detective in 1860s solves murders), Cyrus Barker series by Will Thomas (detective and his assistant in Victorian England), you get the picture. Lots of Britain, lots of mysteries. There’s something so peaceful about holding a sleeping baby and reading a good book.

Snuggly during his morning nap.
Snuggly during his morning nap.

We get out a few times a week, me and Calvin, to go shopping or to visit our friend and her baby, to go to infant storytime at the library. I’m starting my 9 hours at the library and that makes me feel plenty busy. It also makes my lazy days reading and cleaning and cooking with Calvin even more fun. I feel like I look forward to the little things. Going strawberry picking with friends this weekend and making jam/pies/shortcake, reading books with Calvin, having dinner with Kevin. Family, I wish you could be around to enjoy these ordinary days with us! I’m looking forward to a grand Buckwalter Christmas though, as is Calvin.

Rocking the hooded sweatshirt.
Rocking the hooded sweatshirt.

I should go get started on dinner while Calvin is sleeping.  Miss you all!



3 thoughts on “All the things

  1. Eve still sleeps right next to our bed! I keep thinking about switching her to the pack and play that is….5 feet away but I love just pulling her over next to me to nurse at night. I’m so lazy! I guess it’s more survival…since I have to be functional at work every day, I do whatever will get me the most sleep at night. Which is a lot more co-sleeping than I ever thought I’d be doing!
    I wish I could come visit you guys in this new stage of your lives! I’m so glad to hear about it and see pictures.

  2. I love all the pictures, but especially the one of him sleeping on his tummy!! I love hearing what you are up to. Your CSA sounds so lovely too. I’m looking forward to going back to cooking more now that I am on maternity leave. We are planning to try a Moses basket beside the bed this time around for baby sleeping, but I’m sure I’ll do quite a bit of cosleeping as I’ve done before. I wish we could visit!!

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