Tips from a Young Decorator

I have loved many things about moving to Kentucky, and decorating our new apartment is high up on that list. I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips with you!

This post is partially inspired by this video. Excuse its language 😉 This video indicates that people transitioning from college students to adults should do the following in terms of interior decorating:

have plants. put things in glass jars and display them. have a bar cart / classy way to display alcohol. use throw pillows. set some candles out. experiment with lighting, instead of using harsh overhead lights. take down ugly college posters. put classy pictures of your life up.

I agree with these, and have some additional notes:

1) Get creative with your belongings. 

Art can be really expensive. And I mean like $300 for a small wooden giraffe expensive. Your belongings, though, can be art and are prettier when they are displayed than stuffed in a drawer! This especially applies to jewelry, instruments, and pottery. Those things are too lovely to be hidden away! Use them to decorate a wall or spice up the top of a bookshelf.

Oh heyy harmonicas, pottery, dishes, and cast-iron flower that fell off our coffee table! Thanks for making that bookshelf look much more interesting than just the flimsy bookshelf that it is!
Lookin’ good, shell collection, paper flower, candy jar, paperweight, and ceramic cups! Thanks for being the first thing visitors see when they walk into our apartment!
And this homemade earring holder graces the corner wall of our bathroom! We used an old beaded necklace, with wire from an old calendar as the supports. Then I strung my earrings through the beads of the necklace. I love it!

2) Make artwork viewable from another room when the doors are open.

I didn’t really think about this until our current apartment, but having sneak peeks of the art in another room makes our apartment feel more welcoming.

If you look at the right of the picture, you can see a blue flower painting and some plants welcoming you into our guest bedroom
And I like being able to see our panda wall hangings when the doors to our bathroom are open!

3) Rugs look great underneath clear tables, and table runners add a formal look to a table.

Seeing the rug’s pattern through our coffee table is cool!
And the table runner my aunt made us for our wedding looks soo good on our table

4) Be willing to put some work into decorations and furniture, to save yourself money, organize, and to make them more special to you!

IMG_1482 IMG_1372 IMG_1465 IMG_1479

From top left, going left to right:

a) I found this trick on Pinterest. Take shower curtain hangers (you can get 12 for $1 at Walmart) and use them to hang your tanktops. This isn’t decor, I hang it in my closet, but I love being able to see all the options so readily.

b) We wanted our white board to hang on our fridge, so we hot glued some magnets to the back and put some pretty ones underneath when the ones on the back weren’t enough 😉

c) The black chairs at our island took a surprising amount of work. They were in my brother-in-law’s attic, and several screws were missing. It was a task to find the right screws for the different components of it (the seats spin), but my husband and I made it work and saved ourselves some money in the process!

d) The wreath was handcrafted with love by my sister Jewel and me for my wedding. We rolled individual hymnal pages, glued them together, and added a purple ribbon. And the light-up wine bottle was made by second dad Mr. Wach! He cut a hole in the bottom of a wine bottle, and fed a small string of Christmas lights into it.

5) Pick themes for your rooms.

In general it’s nice to have a rough color scheme for a room, but sometimes it’s even more fun to pick a theme. Marcus chose minimalistic/zen for our bedroom. With that in mind, we bought some larger paintings (very inexpensive at Big Lots) and two little water fountains on Amazon. The wall by our closet has a fan, a white globe light, and some metal Chinese characters on it to round out the look 😉

Zen. Minimalist. Mwah!

For our guest bathroom, I went with a tropical / nature theme. I hung up a painting I did of waterfalls, picked a shower curtain to match, framed a calendar photo that my brother-in-law took (another great way to save money!), framed the artsy bird from a beautiful card I received for graduation, and hung up some elephants and a bird mobile we acquired. Having a theme makes decorating more fun and feels like it gives the decorations in a room purpose and unity!


Those are some of my decorating tips, from this young decorator to decorators of all ages! I would love to hear some of your go-to decor tips in the comments.



4 thoughts on “Tips from a Young Decorator

  1. Your comments thanking your belongings for serving a certain purpose made me laugh out loud. You’re so fun and a great decorator! That’s been one of my favorite things to develop as well. Our first apartment together in Houghton is funny to look at now that we have a house that I’ve enjoyed decorating. Plants are one of my favorite ways to make a house feel lived in. Nature is usually the theme I always go with, mixed in with sentimental pictures. Love you!

  2. Thanks for these tips and even the link to the inspiration sight. I am terrible at decorating (maybe because we have moved so much and I have gotten into the “why bother” mindset) so some simple, quick and easy themes really help me. I also love to see you making your home welcoming. I would love to visit if we could!

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