live blogging my rainy Saturday

Hi sisters. It’s quiet here in my house. Eve is napping upstairs and Krestia and Miriam just left for an afternoon outing plus grocery shopping. I asked Krestia for a little rest time today. I have been feeling so depleted this week. A bad cold plus sleep deprivation (Eve! still not sleeping well–sleeping worse than she did as a newborn) makes me grumpy and sad. An afternoon at home, with tea and a baby and a few little housework items sounded like just the ticket. Except I’m an extrovert, and I don’t like being alone! So here I am, blogging instead of doing all the things I had planned. I look around my house and the to-do list is so vast I don’t know where to start. Also the baby could wake up at any moment, so when I contemplate starting something I think to myself, could I drop everything and get the baby if she wakes up, and leave the task incomplete? So far I’ve ruled out cleaning the fridge, mopping the floors and putting away laundry. Oh, and packing. We are moving in a month and nothing is packed yet. I think I may just have time to bake a strawberry cake. There’s always time for cake, right? So here’s how my afternoon went. 3 pm–start blogging. Baby wakes up as soon as I type the words that she is napping. Go get her. Decide to make cake. 3:15 pm–put baby in highchair and bring her in the kitchen with me. She’s happy. happy baby Continue making cake. Manage to get it most of the way done before the baby gets sad and wants to be held. sad baby cake before baking 3:40 pm–cake goes into oven. I hold baby. Then I decide since the cake has 50 minutes to bake, I can clean the upstairs bathroom, which has been grossing me out for awhile. (Aside–this is how cleaning gets done around here. When I get grossed out.) I gather cleaning supplies and carry them up the stairs while carrying the baby on my hip. 4:00 pm–clean the bathroom while baby plays on the floor with foam letters. baby with foam letters Manage to get the bathroom mostly cleaned before the baby gets sad and wants to be held. Babies! Always wanting to be held! I’m glad to do it, though. I don’t get to hold her much on the days that I work, so I spend a lot of time carrying her on the weekends. 4:30 pm–check the cake. Put it back in for 5 minutes. Do this three times, while picking up and putting down a sad baby. Try to put the baby back down for her last nap of the day but this is not successful. 4:50 pm–cake emerges from oven, complete! finished cake 5 pm–make a cup of tea. Eat an apple. Hold the baby, read her a story, and change her diaper. Text my husband to see when he is coming home (he’s bringing dinner! Rotisserie chicken!). It’s going to be awhile. 6 pm–finally manage to get the baby down for her last nap of the day. It’s late. She might not go to bed on time, but that’s okay. I hold her on my chest to soothe her before sleeping, and she snuggles in so sweetly. I could spend all rainy afternoons like this, holding a sweet baby and making a strawberry cake. Not bad. Ok, now that she’s down for her last nap I should try and do a few things before dinner. Wish you could share some cake with me. We have yet to taste it–I’ll report back on if it’s worth you all making it. I had a nice afternoon of quiet, baking, and baby time. Sharing a little of it with you was nice too! Here’s to doing the things that restore us. Love, Rachel P.S. Since I have a terrible cold and my nose is completely stuffed up, I can’t taste anything. Including strawberry cake. So disappointing! Miriam says it’s good.


One thought on “live blogging my rainy Saturday

  1. How sad that you can’t taste your cake! It looks amazing. I know exactly how you feel about starting things while the baby naps! I’ve never felt so indecisive as when I’m wondering if Calvin will wake up. The other day I put him down for a morning nap and decided to start bread dough. He woke up in the middle of it and it was so difficult to finish the dough! I got a bit frustrated, but it all worked out in the end. And the bread was delicious.

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