life lately

Hey sisters.

Every day I compose a bit of a letter in my head to you all, only to find myself running out of time to sit down and put it to paper. Life is happening at a frenetic pace these days. I want to slow it down a bit but there’s no sign of that happening this summer. We have two kids, two full time jobs, and we’re buying our first home, so free time is a rare commodity.

I’m trying to remember that it’s summer, and enjoy this brief wonderful season despite all the busy-ness. Miriam and I went to the Groton pool last Saturday for an afternoon swim. I snapped this picture of her which I love. It just says summer, doesn’t it?

beach babe
beach babe

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A coffee (er..tea) date

Hi sisters,

I wish I could sit and have a cup of tea with you all. Lately I just have tea with Calvin. It’s lovely though, to hear him squeal in the morning and see him becoming more alert and SDC12496interactive every day. I thought I’d post today as if we were hanging out at a coffeehouse. I’d tell you all the little and big things that are making life so wonderful right now.  Continue reading “A coffee (er..tea) date”

Marble Roller Extraordinaire

Hi, sisters,

I thought I’d give you an itty bitty glimpse into my Ireland visit, since one of the great joys is time with the kids. They’re fun, smart, adventurous, and (often) sweet. Besides giving you a glimpse of the kids’ personalities, you’ll also get to see some of some of Bradley’s handiwork. Bradley and Archer made a marble roller in the stump house that Bradley designed and made for the kids. In case you haven’t seen it, Martha took this picture of the stump house a couple months ago, before the marble roller was installed.

stump house

Here’s a more recent picture, post roller installment, from Bradley’s flickr page. Bonus baby bump from the morning that Thaddeus was born! Continue reading “Marble Roller Extraordinaire”