Marble Roller Extraordinaire

Hi, sisters,

I thought I’d give you an itty bitty glimpse into my Ireland visit, since one of the great joys is time with the kids. They’re fun, smart, adventurous, and (often) sweet. Besides giving you a glimpse of the kids’ personalities, you’ll also get to see some of some of Bradley’s handiwork. Bradley and Archer made a marble roller in the stump house that Bradley designed and made for the kids. In case you haven’t seen it, Martha took this picture of the stump house a couple months ago, before the marble roller was installed.

stump house

Here’s a more recent picture, post roller installment, from Bradley’s flickr page. Bonus baby bump from the morning that Thaddeus was born!

The kids and I went and played with the marble roller one afternoon and I took some video. Behold, the marble roller.

As you can see, it handles multiple sizes of marbles. All of the marbles come out at the top of the roller, once the basket is pulled up (“One, two, three, GO! Pshewwwwwww!”). The smaller marbles to fall through a hole just their size that directs them to the section on the right, while the bigger marbles head over the smaller hole to the ladder on the left side. Super fun. I also love the noisemakers and the multiple routes. You can see that the kids enjoy it a lot. Archer spent a lot of time explaining all the pieces to it the first time we went out. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera then, but you can see the pieces for yourself and get an idea for the his explanations in the middle.

This was my first attempt at video editing and using iMovie. I’m well aware that I’m at least 10 years late to the game, but I made it! Fashionably late, that’s me. My video-making friends will be thoroughly (un)impressed by my video taking and editing skills. This was a (relatively) quick and dirty editing job. I can’t spend too much time on these things or I’d get sucked into the vortex of making it exactly right and you’d never see the finished product. I left out Archer’s funny-only-to-him poop jokes (oh, 5 year olds). I would also like to say that this video marks the only time Era’s hair has stayed up for any extended period of time since I’ve been here.

I’m having trouble believing that I’m over half way through my time here. The country is beautiful, the history amazing, the family time precious. Love to you from all of us.  We would love to have you here.


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