A coffee (er..tea) date

Hi sisters,

I wish I could sit and have a cup of tea with you all. Lately I just have tea with Calvin. It’s lovely though, to hear him squeal in the morning and see him becoming more alert and SDC12496interactive every day. I thought I’d post today as if we were hanging out at a coffeehouse. I’d tell you all the little and big things that are making life so wonderful right now. 

First off, I’ve got a new job at the library! Instead of 9 hours as a lowly aide, I get to work 25 hours as an assistant! Oo la la. I still work in the children’s department, but instead of doing errands/copying/making crafts I’ll be working with the public more, making sure the department is organized and running and helping out with programs. I’m excited because it’ll use more of my creativity and brain power. The thought of working more hours a week was daunting at first. I didn’t even think about applying for a few days because I didn’t think it would be worth the child care costs to go to work, but we found an affordable, trustworthy and very sweet in home daycare provider a mile or so away from us and the extra money each month from my job is too good to pass up. I’m also thinking that working more is going to be motivating for me. I tend to drink more water, eat better and feel more energized when I have to go to work. The more time I spend at home the more I tend to stop taking care of myself and sit and read books while rocking Calvin to sleep. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to relax and spend time with Calvin, but it’s also a good thing to get out and do something in the world. Yesterday I made this video while we were hanging out on the couch. He’s getting so vocal and interactive. Sorry for the poor angle. I was home alone and set the camera on the coffee table, so it gets cut off a few times.

I feel good about spending more time at work since I know there will be another wonderful woman watching my baby. Plus he’ll get to interact with 2 other babies, so he’ll get a variety of experiences that I can’t provide him! I’m still in my optimistic phase. Of course there will be many days when dropping him off is hard and work is slow and it feels like more of a chore, but I think the good and bad will balance out.

In non-work news, I’m excited about Calvin’s first steps towards sleeping through the night. 5 nights last week Calvin slept from 8:30pm-2:30 or 3am, went back to sleep after 15 minutes of eating and cooing and slept until 6am. Last week was a busy week, which might have helped him sleep such long stretches. The past two nights he’s regressed a bit, going to sleep at 8pm and waking at 12am, 3am and 6am. We’ll figure it out. Now that I’ve had those 5 hour stretches I desperately want them back ;-). I’m trying to wean him from his swaddler. He sleeps so well when he’s swaddled, but he also fights it at the beginning. I did some research and we’re going to gradually give him more space. I put him down for a nap today with one arm swaddled and the other free and he seems to be doing well.

The other day he laughed and laughed in the bath tub. It was super adorable and sweet. Kevin and I couldn’t believe it when he first laughed, but he kept on going. We tried to capture it on camera, but by the time we remembered to record it he was settling down and didn’t want to laugh anymore. Here’s 17 seconds of us trying to get him to laugh again. You can see him almost starting to laugh a few times. The sound I’m making in the video was what started him off in the first place. He kept on anticipating my glottal noise and the longer I delayed it, the funnier it was.

Hmmm. What else would we talk about over a cup of tea? Obviously I’d expect you to do some talking too. It’s super rude of me to just ramble on for so long and not do any listening :-). Martha and Janna, I’d want to hear all about Ireland and I’d want to hold Tad and never let him go. Rachel, I’d want to hear about your plans for your house and hold Eve, watch Miriam dance and never let them go. Esther, I’d want to hear about how you and Marcus are doing at your new jobs and hold Duec and Daisy and never let them go. I think I see a pattern….Of course I’d let you hold Calvin and worry that Marcus might actually never let him go ;-).

In other non-baby things, I’m loving our CSA this summer. This past week was the best yet, a quart of strawberries, a bag of sugar snap peas, cabbage, parsley, lettuce, garlic scapes, fennel, a zucchini and a yellow squash. Delicious. I’ve felt like a good cook recently. I adapted my favorite chicken curry recipe to be a roasted cauliflower and spinach curry. I increased the amount of tomatoes, cut back on the curry powder, and used greek yogurt and it was delicious. Perfect for my curry needs and unlike chicken curry, which can taste a bit funny a few days later, it tasted great all week. Last week I made a pot of broccoli cheese soup that was delicious for the 3 days we ate it. It was perfect to have in the fridge for our busy holiday weekend, I could warm up a cup for lunch or dinner and not have to do any work. The menu for this week includes: sloppy joe’s on pretzel buns (I substitute half of the meat for zucchini or squash), spaghetti carbonara with garlic scapes and peas, bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches (a recent craving of Kevin and mine), along with a variety of salads, veggies and fruit from our CSA. Welp. My baby is waking up. It was nice having a virtual cup of tea with you.

Love to you all!



2 thoughts on “A coffee (er..tea) date

  1. He is so very cute. A tea date would be great. I would like to hold Calvin and never let him go. You, too. I’m excited for your new job and hope it provides just the right amount of structure. I very much understand how easy it can be to comfy and unmotivated at home.

  2. I wish we could have a sisters tea/coffee date once a week! Wouldn’t that be grand. I want to hold ALL the babies. Kevin should be checking out jobs at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. 🙂 I’m scheming to get you all back in upstate NY somehow…

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