coming up for air

Dear sisters,

Today I have a few moments to myself to sit and write. Finally! I have missed sharing the details of our summer and life in our new home. Things have been so very busy and overwhelming, but I’m beginning to see glimmers of normalcy again. Our new house has boxes everywhere but at least all the appliances are functioning now. The first few weeks here we had issues with the hot water heater, fridge and stove, and it was a lot to handle. Thankfully that is all behind us. (Knock on wood…what appliance do you think will fail next?) We replaced the hot water heater and the stove and fixed the fridge. I can cook! And store food safely! And take a shower! And do laundry! All necessary things in a house with kids.

Owning a house brings a lot more work into our lives, and I didn’t fully take this into account. I’m glad we’re not renting anymore but I’m not sure when we are going to do all these house projects. We got an old house with charm but plenty of work to be done…and we both work full time, and have young children. Eve is at a very clingy stage in development right now. She started a new daycare this week and is having pretty major separation anxiety. When she’s with me, I’m basically holding her all the time. She doesn’t want to nap or sleep much at night because that means being apart from me. So life is pretty exhausting. Miriam notices that the baby is getting held all the time, and she wants more attention too. There is just not enough of me to go around.

Yesterday the new stove got delivered, and to celebrate we had oven baked salmon for dinner. We haven’t had a functioning oven since we moved in, so this was a big deal. We sat down to eat and all feasted on salmon and broccoli together (even the baby–she ate her whole piece of salmon! We’re hoping to instill Alaskan tastebuds in her early, like we managed to do with her big sister, who still loves salmon). I breathed a little sigh of relief that we were all eating a home-cooked meal together in our new house. It was a rare moment of peace and happiness in this crazy summer.

I am hoping for more of these moments, and looking forward to the settled routines of fall and winter, cozy in our new space. I’ll write more soon.



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