A Day in the Life of a Five Month Old

Dear sisters,

Calvin is 5 months old now! How crazy. The first three months seemed to fly by and now that he’s doing things like sitting up and rolling over and standing and smiling all the time time seems to be slowing down. Kevin and I can’t get enough of him at this stage. He seems to be happier and happier every day. While there’s nothing like spending time with a baby, since you all live so far away, I thought I’d give you all a taste of life with my wonderful 5 month old.


Wednesday, Sept. 9: Calvin turns 5 months old!

Calvin gets up at 7:30am, this is after waking up at 12am, 2am and 5:15am to nurse. After his 5am wake up we keep him in bed with us because he sleeps so lightly until 7:30 it’s not worth it to return him to his pack n play. Kevin gets up at 6:15am to go to work, so at the 5:15am wake up he cuddles with Calvin who is always super sweet at this hour. He tends to coo while nursing, stopping every once in awhile to look at me or Kevin in the dark. After he’s done eating he wants to roll on his back and pull on our fingers while also rubbing his eyes. Kevin usually spoons with him and keeps him semi contained. It’s like a human swaddle and it usually sends Calvin off to sleep after 5 or 10 minutes of being adorable. On good nights Kevin and I can fall asleep pretty quickly after that, other nights we toss and turn a bit as we try to go back to sleep for a bit longer.

WAKE UP MOM! Calvin starts rolling around next to me at 7:30am and usually doesn’t need to eat, just wants to start interacting. When he gives me his blindingly huge smile I know he’s up for the day. I usually give him my sleep eye mask to play with while I get into my yoga pants and walking the dog clothes. I change his diaper, start cleaning up the bedroom by putting Kelcy’s bed away and then we head downstairs.

Momma’s tea time: By 7:45 or 8am I usually have my tea and breakfast ready. I come downstairs and plop Calvin in his exer-saucer so he can stand up and play with toys. Being closer to eye level with Kelcy is also a huge draw for him. He loves watching the dog. I do some internetting, checking facebook and blogs and chatting with Kevin while singing or talking to Calvin to keep him interested in life. After about 15 minutes in the exer-saucer I pick him up and play a bit, then put him in his high chair with a few toys to bang around on his tray. That usually keeps him content while I clean up my dishes from breakfast and decide what to do for the day.

Just watching you cook Mom!
Just watching you cook Mom!

Some mornings I bake/prepare dinner, some I go grocery shopping. This morning I decided to take Kelcy on a nice walk, so into the stroller went Calvin with his big stuffed doggie blanket to chew on and we enjoyed the brisk morning.

NAPTIME: Calvin usually wants to go down for his first nap of the morning around 9 or 9:15. I nurse him to sleep and then put him in his pack n play. I can usually count on 40-45 minute long naps. Every once in awhile he surprises us with a longer nap. Today was 45 minutes again. I managed to do 25 minutes of yoga focusing on stretching my shoulders, spine and hips. Carrying a baby and working in a library have made me a bit tense recently. I’ve been waking up stiff and have missed my yoga time. I experimented with doing yoga with Calvin rolling around next to me, but it never felt especially good. I got some nice stretches in, but I was distracted by him and wanting to interact and play with him at the same time. I hear Calvin cooing over the baby monitor and go up and turn off his sound machine and open the blinds up. I give him a few toys to play with in his pack n play and jump into the shower. I love that he’s so good at entertaining himself for 5-10 minutes at a time. He likes seeing me and I need to check in every so often, but trusting that he’ll keep himself entertained while I take a shower is so nice.

Labor Day Vacay, chilling in Chicago with my super cool parents.
Labor Day Vacay, chilling in Chicago with my super cool parents.

When I’m out and dressed I make the bed and finish tidying up the bedroom. I have to leave to drop him off at daycare around 10:40am, so now it’s time to prepare for work and time with his sitter. I read him a book and show him pictures of family so he doesn’t have too much stranger danger when he sees you all next. Then into his exer-saucer he goes and I get his bottles around, pack up my pump, pack my lunch and get cloth diapers in his bag. I get done before 10:40am, so we go play on the guest bed. I try and get him to sit up without being held, he manages for a bit but is too determined to stand up and won’t bend at the hip. I lightly let him fall on the pillows and tickle his sides to make him laugh uproariously. He is a sweet sweet baby. It is so nice to drop him off at daycare after getting some quality time together.

He gets to daycare at 10:45am and I’m off to work. While he’s with the sitter I know he has lots of fun. She has an even more exciting exer-saucer and she says they spend lots of time playing and laughing together. He always smiles when he sees her and looks content when I pick him up. I stay at work from 11-3:15, then leave to pick Calvin up. Most days Kevin picks him up, but since I work Wed. evenings I decided it would be nice to take a longer dinner break so I could get him, nurse him and spend some time at home with him. We get home around 3:40, I take him upstairs and nurse him on our bed. He spends about 30 seconds making little coughs of excitement that we’re back together again and then settles in for a nice long drink. We get up and I put him in his high chair so I can have my dinner. Kevin gets home around 3:50pm with our bag of CSA goodies and I rinse off the dirt and inspect our treasures while Kevin goes to say hi to the smiling baby. This week we got an absurd amount of tomatoes, peppers as well as some stranger greens that I’m not used to. It should be fun to cook with them.

I love sleeping on my Uncle Marcus.
I love falling asleep on my Uncle Marcus.

I have to head back to work at 4:10pm. Kevin plays with Calvin then puts him down for another nap from 4:30-5:20. I like that Calvin is so good at going down for naps. His preferred method of falling asleep right now is to cuddle up next to us on our bed, sucking his thumb and holding his fleece blanket from Grammy Aagaard. Then we pick him up and put him in his pack n play, turn on the baby monitor and go get something done! Kevin normally sweeps all of the floors and mops the kitchen while Calvin naps (bless his soul, he is such a great cleaner. I take him for granted!). After Calvin wakes up they play a bit then come to the library around 6pm so I can see him and feed him again. It’s great to work only 2.5 miles away from home. It makes little trips like that so simple.

Kevin goes back to home with Calvin to play until bedtime at 7:15pm. I get home around 8:10 and usually Calvin wakes up to nurse around 8:30 or 9pm. Then, if we’re lucky he’ll sleep til midnight. We spent exactly 2 days trying to sleep train him, then decided it wasn’t worth hearing our baby moan and cry and be unable to put himself back to sleep. He wakes up so often to nurse, now we’re trying to soothe him back to sleep without nursing. Sometimes it works and he goes about 4 hours without eating, other nights he is too startled or stubborn and will toss and turn and moan and groan until we let him nurse. He’ll suck on his thumb a bit but gets angry pretty quickly if we don’t give him the real deal. Our nighttime system has developed into Kevin going and picking him up and delivering him to me in bed. We nurse lying down and Calvin falls back asleep. I pick him up and put him back in his pack n play. Repeat every 2-3 hours. Sometimes he makes it through the night in one diaper, sometimes he pees out the side while nursing, which is never fun. Such is life though. Sisters, you may remember how crazy I used to be about a clean bed, welp, these days I put a towel over Calvin’s pee and go back to sleep. Once it dries I sometimes forget to change the sheets (who am I kidding, I’m too lazy). This is the nitty gritty part of parenting :-).

Hanging with Dad. Literally.
Hanging with Dad. Literally.

We don’t really have a normal weekday because my schedule changes daily and I have rehearsal Tuesday night and work Wednesday night, making it a bit strange. Life is going to get more crazy in October as I prepare to be part of the Dark La Crosse Radio Show and have more nighttime rehearsals and concerts.

Love is rocking a baby to sleep in a hot Chicago pot pie pizza restaurant and forgoing the pleasure of eating it normally so that baby can have a nap. I think I may have dropped food on him a few times while I tried to eat it awkwardly.
Love is rocking a baby to sleep in a hot Chicago pot pie pizza restaurant and forgoing the pleasure of eating it normally so that baby can have a nap. I think I may have dropped food on him a few times while I tried to eat it awkwardly.

I’m grateful for a happy baby and a flexible supportive husband. I’m looking forward even more to a long drive East and a family filled Christmas and New Year’s.

Love you all!


One thought on “A Day in the Life of a Five Month Old

  1. I love hearing about the everyday routines you have going! Your job seems pretty ideal for a breastfeeding mom–small manageable chunks of time, with good child care, really close by. Wish he was sleeping better for you but that’s a tough one to handle. Eve is still not a great sleeper either, but sometimes we get 4-5 hours at once.

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