Side by Side

Dear sisters,

This week I got out our photo albums and did some photo comparison. Calvin got super excited to chew on the photo albums and was a bit put out that he didn’t get to DESTROY THEM! I found a few gems in them and had to scan them for a fun scroll down.

Kevin at 7 months (in brown chair) and 8 months (in stroller)

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curly girl blues

Hi sisters,

I thought we needed a shallow beauty post on the blog, so here it goes! Spending a lot of time and effort on my appearance is a relatively new thing for me. I wear zero makeup. I manage to throw together passable work outfits but often find myself at work with baby snot on my shoulder, or a grease spot on my shirt that I didn’t know was there. But, I have been trying a lot harder to have awesome hair.

My hair and I have a complicated relationship. My hair has always been huge, thick, coarse and bushy. As a child I had gorgeous effortless ringlets, seen here:

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Hidden Gems in Children’s Music

Dear sisters,

For my job I get to listen to some great Children’s Music since I take care of the music CD collection for the department. There have been a few musicians I just had to share with you, my music loving family, because they’re so great!

The Okee Dokee Brothers make me think of your family, Rachel! I feel like this would be fun listening for you all. Two best friends, who are now based in Minneapolis, write bluegrass/American roots music that really is fun for kids and parents who enjoy that genre. The lyrics aren’t overly simplistic or “kidsy.” My favorite cds are their “Field Journals.” The first one, “Can You Canoe?” was written on a month long canoeing trip down the Mississippi. There is a CD and DVD in this collection and it has many lovely songs, so many that they won a Grammy for it! I’ve listened to it exactly once and I already have songs from it stuck in my head. I could see Miriam dancing along :-). So much of their music reminds me of Wailing Jennys and Alison Krauss. They released a second Field Journal about a month long hiking adventure on the Appalachian Trail. I wish I was the type of person who would enjoy that, it sounds pretty idyllic. Music-making and nature, my favorite things!

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Weekly Rituals

Looking at what my hubby & I do week by week, I’ve come to realize that we have several quirky occurrences that we essentially cannot go a week without doing! So I present to you our Weekly Rituals:

Weekly Ritual #1. Both of us sleeping on the couch… for the entire night

This one still doesn’t make complete sense to me. We bought a lovely, comfortable, new, king-sized bed last year. With the recent development of an L-shaped couch that we purchased, somehow the couch takes precedence over the bed at least once a week! It’s even gone so far that we brought out an extension cord to make plugging our phones in more convenient when we sleep on the couch, and we each have designated positions and blankets that get used during this weekly (at a minimum) ritual. Sometimes the cats join in too, although the image is from a nap not a night of sleep 🙂 Continue reading “Weekly Rituals”

Celebrating 6 months of Parenthood

Hi sisters,

Last week was Calvin’s SIX MONTH BIRTHDAY! Woot woot. He is doing so well. Rolling over and over. He loves going from his back to his front and will (and actually did, but shhh, it’s a secret) roll off our bed if we let him. His eyes seem to be gradually getting a bit greener. The outside is still semi blue, but the inside is yellower giving him an overall effect of blue green. We’ll see if it keeps changing. His personality is coming out in new ways. The other day he was extra tired and ready for a nap, but I had to drop him at daycare. As we were getting ready he turned into a slap happy infant, belly laughing at everything! The way I said his name and called him silly, carrying him into the closet to look at my clothes, seeing Kelcy, it all made him laugh. I was so happy to have a silly baby. Anyways, to commemorate his 6 months of life I wanted to do a semi-interview of Kevin and I as parents. I wrote most of the questions (the last three were Kevin’s attempts at engaging with the exercise) and sent them to Kevin via email. I suggested we just videotape us interviewing each other but Kevin shot that idea down VERY quickly. So here we go: Continue reading “Celebrating 6 months of Parenthood”

BOOKS! and sometimes TV!

Hi sisters,

As Calvin gets more mobile and opinionated I’m having less time to watch and read things. I still find time to read, but it’s not as often as when he was a newborn. Then I would read while he nursed, and I could read while I was holding him and soothing him to sleep in the rocking chair, I’d read all the time! I don’t watch TV as often on my own anymore, mainly because I don’t like to do it while Calvin’s awake, he gets too distracted by it and I’m not ready for him to have screen time ;-). However, I still find the time on the weekends and during naps to watch and read things that are fun to me. Here are some fun books I’m reading: Continue reading “BOOKS! and sometimes TV!”

My week in food

Hi sisters,

Every once in awhile I feel like I do well with meal planning and end up making meals that I’m actually excited to eat. I thought I’d share my plan from this past week for those of you who are feeling stumped in the kitchen. I’m only going to share the big meal of the day because breakfast and lunch are usually super boring for me. Continue reading “My week in food”