Weekly Rituals

Looking at what my hubby & I do week by week, I’ve come to realize that we have several quirky occurrences that we essentially cannot go a week without doing! So I present to you our Weekly Rituals:

Weekly Ritual #1. Both of us sleeping on the couch… for the entire night

This one still doesn’t make complete sense to me. We bought a lovely, comfortable, new, king-sized bed last year. With the recent development of an L-shaped couch that we purchased, somehow the couch takes precedence over the bed at least once a week! It’s even gone so far that we brought out an extension cord to make plugging our phones in more convenient when we sleep on the couch, and we each have designated positions and blankets that get used during this weekly (at a minimum) ritual. Sometimes the cats join in too, although the image is from a nap not a night of sleep 🙂

I can't get over how cute Dolly looks perched in his arm like that!
I can’t get over how cute Dolly looks perched in his arm like that!
Weekly Ritual #2. Me trying out a weird home remedy for my skin or hair

I don’t know what it is but I love trying DIY hair treatments and skin treatments. It makes me feel like I’m at a spa to put together a scrub or hair mask! I’ve used tomato paste, salt, oils, eggs, paprika, honey, avocado… None of them seem to be THAT successful at improving anything but I have fun while I’m doing it so whatever!

Weekly Ritual #3. Spending far too much time on iFunny

For those of you who are unaware, iFunny is a comedy app where people post memes, videos, comics, etc. It has its fair share of offensive, unintelligent things like the rest of the Internet, but it also has some gems. At least once a week after a particularly stressful or long day at work, you’ll find Marcus & I scrolling through iFunny. There will be long periods of silence, then one of us will burst out laughing and show the other what it was that made us laugh. Here are some iFunny samples for you:




Some aren’t comedic, they are thought-provoking:

IMG_1844 blog

Weekly Ritual #4. Buying something local

I really love the local options in Berea. There is a local butcher, Three Fold Meats, where I like to get eggs and meat (free-range, hormone-free, etc!). There is a restaurant, Village Trough, that uses only local ingredients that has amazing soups and burgers. There’s an Old Town Amish Store where we get butter, and occasionally splurge on a great breakfast. The Berea College Farm Store sells delicious homemade ice cream, local veggies, and more. It’s nice having all these local options so each week I make sure we buy something from them!


Weekly Ritual #5. Snapchatting

Those of you who don’t have Snapchat (Rachel, Martha, Jewel) have expressed curiosity in what it’s like, what it’s used for, etc. It’s basically like a miniature YouTube & Instagram hybrid that lets you send & receive photo or video snapshots of your life to others, and receive snapshots of theirs, and you can add effects, timestamps, text, emoji, and drawings to your “Snapsterpieces.” Through Snapchat, I can keep up with my friends who are running marathons, see the delicious foods my friends are cooking, laugh at funny moments with their cats and dogs, etc. It’s hard to explain what it does differently than Facebook or Instagram, but somehow it is different!

I think part of the difference is that once you watch a snapchat, it clears out from the interface. You don’t have this overwhelming feed that literally goes on forever. Snapchat is more finite and manageable. You watch your friend’s snapchat, and then it is gone. You can post “Stories” that stay in people’s feed for 24 hours, but that’s all it will stay. It’s nice feeling like you can be “done” with Snapchat. It’s not a black hole of foreverness like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. And news outlets and channels have daily Snaps too. I like to watch the Snaps from Comedy Central, National Geographic, CNN, and Food Network. Each day they let people snap to categories as well, like major sports events, cities around the world, etc, so it’s cool to see videos & photos from across the globe!

To give you a sample of what you’d see from ME on Snapchat, here are some teasers:

IMG_1273 IMG_1569

So cat photos, obv, but also videos of weird things in Kentucky:

And videos of cute family moments:

I’ll let that adorable Snapchat video of Marcus & Sara conclude my summary of our weekly rituals. And of course, not a week goes by that we don’t miss our family & friends!




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