Side by Side

Dear sisters,

This week I got out our photo albums and did some photo comparison. Calvin got super excited to chew on the photo albums and was a bit put out that he didn’t get to DESTROY THEM! I found a few gems in them and had to scan them for a fun scroll down.

Kevin at 7 months (in brown chair) and 8 months (in stroller)

001 2

Jewel at 5 months (walker) and 7 months (fancy dress)

003 004

Calvin at 6 months

SDC12665 (2)12095231_819044282534_7718345143660023847_o

Overall he looks a lot like Kevin (which everyone comments on). I think he got my eyes though. Right now they’re almost exactly the same color! Kevin can’t look at my baby pictures without laughing, he thinks I look so much like this guy:

Thanks Kevin….


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