Giving Thanks 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us! We know that Advent has already started and the Christmas season is upon us, but we thought it would be fun to have a little remembrance of Thanksgiving 2015.

Jewel: Our Thanksgiving was a Friendsgiving this year! We celebrated with wonderful friends from La Crosse. When we went around before eating to say what we were each thankful for almost everyone mentioned having found such great friends. Kevin and I couldn’t imagine a better group of people to have met this past year. It makes being so far from family a bit easier. Thanksgiving was so fun with our cute little baby.

Someone LOVES standing up. It makes him so proud and happy.

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The Rollercoaster of Sleep

Hi sisters,

I’ve been ruminating awhile about how to talk about something that you get asked a lot when you have a baby.The first question is usually, “What’s his name?” and then “Is he sleeping?” or “Are you getting sleep?” My answer is usually, he sleeps really well but he wakes up every 3-4 hours to nurse. People look at me like I’m crazy to say he sleeps well when he wakes up so often, but he’s never fought sleep that much, and he goes back to sleep really quickly after nursing. Still it feels like he hasn’t “made it.” Most baby books say things like: by six months your baby doesn’t need to eat at night and should be able to go 8-10 hours without waking up. Calvin’s pediatrician reiterated this sentiment, telling me I could let him cry it out a bit, that he just prefers to nurse himself back to sleep. This bit of advice caused Kevin and I to react very differently.

Kevin heard that and thought, “Great, we can start letting him cry it out right away, after about a week he’ll be all sleep trained and will sleep through the night and life will be wonderful.”

Inline image 1
Not exactly relevant to this post, but so so true. Can’t count the number of times where I think, wait, he’s sleeping so quietly and for longer than I expected, should I go check on him??

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Eve at one year old

Dear sisters,

It’s hard to believe, but my sweet baby is one year old already! I’m thinking a lot about the end of her infancy and the start of toddlerhood. I want to share with you all a little bit of what life is like with Eve these days.

I took her shopping with me. Here she is about to pick out some pants.
I took her shopping with me. Here she is about to pick out some pants.

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The birth of Thaddeus

Dear sisters,

Here’s the facts: We were delivered of a baby boy on Tuesday, the 16 of June 2015, on my second day of maternity leave.  I was 39 weeks pregnant.  Thaddeus joined the world at 11:55 PM, born into an inflatable pool of warm water in the kitchen, where the table usually rests, while his older brother and sister slept upstairs in their bedroom.  When Archer was born, one of the first things I noticed his cleft chin.  With Era, I noticed her cheek dimple.  With Thaddeus, the first thing we said was ‘Look at his hair!’  And LOOK AT IT!  What a glorious head of hair he has.  I have to say, that the whole heartburn / hair old wives’ tale checks out this time around.

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House tour part one

Hi sisters,

So we bought a house a few months ago. I am just getting around to sharing some photos of it with you all! It’s been a crazy few months. I still feel like many rooms in the house aren’t finished enough to share with you. But I’m getting used to the idea that being a homeowner means that the work on the house is never finished.

The first Sunday in October, we had a group of friends over for a potluck. We worked pretty hard to get the house in good shape for company. I like how having friends over gives me the needed motivation to clean! This house cleans up nicely, so it was a good opportunity to take a few photos. It was a beautiful sunny October day which was good for outside photos too! You will notice there are no photos of the kitchen (which was piled high with dishes as we were cooking soup and bread for the masses), the dining room, Eve’s room (full of boxes and not painted yet), our bedroom and the office. Those rooms will be featured in a later post.

what you see from the driveway
what you see from the driveway

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