Interview with a Dad: 9 months edition

A little while ago I emailed Kevin to get some of his thoughts for a parenting post. His response was so great I thought I’d just put it here. I’m guessing when he got my email he made a face kind of like this:

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9 months out.

Dear sisters,

Calvin has now spent 9 months in the real world after spending 9 months in the uterine world. How bizarre that 9 months ago we didn’t know this bundle of cuteness. Here are some things I want to remember about Calvin at this stage.

Checking in at the doctor:

  • WEIGHT:19 lbs 10 ounces
  • HEIGHT: 28 inches
  • SHEER AMAZINGNESS: Off the charts.

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Christmas 2015: A Look Back

Dear sisters,

It’s only been a few weeks since Christmas, but our trip back East felt so momentous that I had to document it here on the blog. Here’s the headline I give when talking about our trip:

We drove about 55 hours over 16 days and went through 10 states to visit both of our families. On our first day we decided to drive over 1000 miles to get to Alfred, NY. Calvin was pretty much an angel baby in the car and handled the whole trip with minimal fussing (though it helped that I could nurse him in his car seat and sat and read many books to him when he got bored, I’m so thankful that books hold his attention for awhile).

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Welcoming 2016

Hi sisters.

People have been asking me how my holidays went. It’s a common small talk question, and one that probably I should just answer with a quick “fine” or “wonderful, how about yours?” But I have been feeling like being honest, so I say, well, my grandmother died two days after Christmas, and I went to her funeral on New Year’s Day. That same day I also got news that Eve’s daycare temporarily closed for a few weeks. So it’s been a bit of a roller coaster.

I can't bear to take this card down. It will probably stay on our fridge for awhile.
Grandma gave this to Eve when she was at our house for Eve’s one year birthday party in November. It will probably stay on our fridge for awhile.

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