9 months out.

Dear sisters,

Calvin has now spent 9 months in the real world after spending 9 months in the uterine world. How bizarre that 9 months ago we didn’t know this bundle of cuteness. Here are some things I want to remember about Calvin at this stage.

Checking in at the doctor:

  • WEIGHT:19 lbs 10 ounces
  • HEIGHT: 28 inches
  • SHEER AMAZINGNESS: Off the charts.

This was one of the first well visits Kevin has been able to come to in awhile and he was so envious of the growth charts the doctor showed us. As we walked out he told me, “I wish I had data like that to work with. It is SO CLEAN!” I’m glad he could geek out at the appointment.


Around the house:

His absolute favorite thing to do is walk around. He’s pretty much mastered walking around just holding one of our hands and he LOVE LOVE LOVEs it. We’re just waiting now for the day when he figures out walking solo. Right now he’ll cruise for a bit on furniture and sometimes stands without us, but still greatly prefers to be holding on to a person. He army crawls when we don’t let him walk.

“I refuse your offer to sit. I only stand.”

Oftentimes, when I try to put him down on the floor sitting, he lifts his hips and refuses to do it, so I put him on his stomach. There, he’ll whine for a minute or so then furiously army crawl to whatever seems most interesting. Usually it’s me or Kevin, but if the door to the unfinished side of the basement is open he always makes a beeline for our broom or the hoses on the floor draining out of our AC. He’s incorrigible.

He’s curious about everything and wants to open cabinets and doors and pull things off shelves. Food is slowly becoming a thing of more interest. He will munch on pretty much anything that isn’t mushy and wet. Give him steamed veggies and fruit and he picks it up and throws it over the side. A cracker or banana bread or peas are more acceptable. Yogurt is a hit, though some days he seems to have no patience for eating off of a spoon. He’s still a breast milk kind of guy.

Cutest shoes ever. Hand made by Aunt Janna!

He does have a lot of teeth for a kid who doesn’t like to eat. 3 on top, 2 on bottom and another tooth on top coming in. He really loves to bite things, especially us. Big hugs end in bites. I’ve gotten bitten on my chin, my neck, my shoulder, my upper arm, and, of course, during nursing. He seemed to need to experiment with what these new teeth can do. Biting feels good. We offer him teething things to chew on, which he would accept for a few seconds, but he still comes back to his favorite chew toys (us). He’s stopped biting during nursing for the most part, for which I am extremely thankful. Recently he’s become obsessed with chewing on the straps and clasps of my nursing tank top, which is hilarious. He flosses his teeth with the elastic and it makes me laugh every time.

Me? Hilarious? Impossible.

I find myself calling him all sorts of things besides Calvin. Recently he’s been hearing a lot of, “Mister. Little mister. Buddy. Little man. Baby.” I should start using his name more often…

His eyes are turning a bit greener. Sometimes they look green with hints of orange/yellow, other times they still look very blue.

Kevin made Calvin his first cardboard box fort while I was working one weekend and it is the cutest thing ever to see him almost playing with it. There’s a big long tunnel of a box that he’ll crawl through with large amounts of encouragement. Kevin put a window on the side of the box and it takes Calvin so long to notice us when we peek in through it. The look of excitement when he does see us is fantastic.


Every day I feel so lucky I’ve got this amazing kid! When I look back at the things I worried about when we first had Calvin: sleeping, getting him to nurse, making sure we didn’t drop him or something, I now see that I don’t need to borrow trouble. Why worry about the future when today is so wonderful. This whole parenting thing is a marathon, not a sprint. I often worried day by day about getting enough sleep or whether Calvin was where he should be developmentally. By month 8 I started letting go of these worries as much as I could. I will get more sleep someday, for now, I’m making do. Calvin is an amazing baby and is doing exactly what he should be doing. He’ll eat real food and sleep through the night eventually. Right now he delights us every day with his beautiful smile and silly personality.

Love you all!

4 thoughts on “9 months out.

  1. I need to do a post like this for Eve! So many changes with our babies. They grow so fast. Calvin is adorable! I’m glad you’re enjoying him and letting go of the stress. I stress out a lot as a parent. I always admire parents who manage to stay calm and enjoy their kids without getting worried about things. It’s not easy for me.

    1. I would love to see what Eve’s up to. Babies change so much in the first few years.

      I think my way of handling stress is to ignore the things I can’t change (as much as possible) and to try and come up with a course of action for the things I can change. So many of the stressful things about being a parent seem to be intangible decisions where it’s so hard to see the definitive “right” way to do things. In those cases I tend to decide what we’re doing is ok and then do my best to forget about all the other ways of doing things ;-).

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