Chocolate and tea

Hi sisters,

Here’s a quickly-snapped still life from internship today.

I’m in the break room, working on paperwork, since the wireless network sometimes decides that the trip to my office space is way too far. We work it hard. I understand. There’s a comfy love seat in the break room where I can tuck my feet under me and work on termination summaries.

In the mug is a hot drink I made up this semester, which I discovered on a day that we were out of creamer, and have been drinking, um, a lot since. It’s inspired by those Earl Grey truffles we’ve made a few times, Rach. Ingredients: an Earl Grey tea bag and a packet of hot chocolate mix in hot water, all available in the clinic waiting room for clients and interns. Mix in a mug bought from a student vendor at Hot Dog Day a few years ago and enjoy. Maybe the drink might get fancier someday, but for now it is warm, cozy, and easily made. I tried a couple other combination, mostly chocolate with a couple different kinds of chai tea bags, but Earl Grey won out.

I say goodbye to my last two clients today. I have been so thankful for this learning space and for my excellent clients and the other people that work here who have all been such an important part of my education. The end of school is feeling very near and I’m processing all the changes that come with the transition, including the ones I don’t know the shape of yet. That’s most of them, actually.

Thanks for your support of this grad school endeavor, sisters. Talk to you more soon.


2 thoughts on “Chocolate and tea

  1. Oh Janna, I stopped to to see if there was a new post and I honestly found myself thinking “I haven’t heard Janna’s voice in a while and I miss it.” And here you are! I look forward to hear what transpires with your upcoming transition. We all plan on making it back to the reunion in August, but I’m also going to throw it out there that we would so love for you to come and visit one of these days!
    And that coco-tea looks most delicious!

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