DIY magnetic spice rack

Hello sisters/world,

As some of you have seen from another post, I (Esther) love to decorate. Combine that with Marcus’ love of organizing (he spent several hours separating screws by size today…), and my husband and I spend most weekends cleaning, organizing, rearranging, or making stuff. One nifty project was making a magnetic spice rack! We have a small kitchen, so being able to attach our spice rack to the side of the fridge is an excellent feature of a magnetic spice rack.

Jewel was the original magnetic-spice-rack-maker. We are both here to tell you how it went and what we love/don’t love about it!

Jewel here: I was the first to go for magnetic ball jar spice holders and it’s something that is always commented on when people visit. It’s a lovely way to store spices: you can see them, they’re so handy, they don’t take up counter or drawer space. It’s basically a win win. This was the post that inspired me:

In our old NJ kitchen we had to buy a stainless steel mount for them, it was easy to find at Lowe’s.

Instead of using the magnet topped jars they recommended, I went with stronger neodymium magnets that I found at We didn’t measure what size we’d need at first, so we got itty bitty ones and then got big ones that were too thin to hold up our jars on their own. Combining them has been the best solution.


This combination is strong enough to hold up 4 and 8 oz jars filled with spices. They’re so strong that they can move the other magnets and other jars, so you do need to have a bit of space between them. There’s also a bit of a trick getting the jars on and off the magnets without knocking anything else off, but I got the hang of it really quickly. A little trial and error is all you need. The labels were just cut up paint swatches hot glued on. They’ve lasted through 2 moves. We still have some miscellaneous spices that I’ve acquired after doing this rack that live in a little drawer. Once that gets out of control I may move them into ball jars and buy some more magnets!

Esther now: When Marcus & I were settling in to our new kitchen in the house we bought in December, we quickly realized we didn’t have space nearly as much cabinet space as we used to!! That meant lots of space optimization tasks, including hanging wine glasses underneath our cabinets, buying some wall-mounted shelves for pottery that no longer had a home, and buying black pantry & storage shelves we could hang pots on.

For several months after moving in, our spices got shuffled hither and yon. They were stuffed in a drawer, kept in a tote next to the cabinets, and we were overall annoyed with where to put them. We didn’t want them taking up counter space, didn’t have a good spot for them in the cabinets, and then I remembered Jewel’s magnetic spice rack! She sent me the link and I modified it to make it easier for myself as well.

I also opted against the pre-made magnetic jars, as they were pricy. I purchased 4 oz glass jars from Bed Bath & Beyond. I wanted more than they had in stock, so they shipped more to me free of charge! They came with cute labels, and each pack of 12 was $10. I purchased ceramic magnets in town at Hobby Lobby. I put three in a triangle to hold each spice jar up. It’s been working great and I haven’t had any jars fall off. Sometimes they’ll slip slightly, but they’ll generally get caught by the row of spices below them 🙂

So there you have it! Some ideas for a kitchen that’s tight on space, or even just a kitchen where you can see lovely, colorful spices displayed for easy access.

What do you guys think? What are your favorite DIY projects you’ve done? We’re always looking for more ideas!



Jewel & Esther

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