Life lately

Hi sisters,

I wrote this post 2 weeks ago, so it feels a bit dated. Calvin is changing at such a quick pace, learning more expressions and saying words more clearly. But here is a bit of an update about our lives lately.

In May we enjoyed a visit from Mom and Dad over the week o13227595_10204553149748292_2012715915268047601_of my final Chamber Chorale concert for the season, so it was a wonderful time for them to be here!

I got to wear a “My Fair Lady” costume for our fundraising dinner/silent auction featuring songs from Lerner & Loewe. I got to sing “Without You” from My Fair Lady and it was a blast! Kevin got a lot of alone time with Calvin as Mom, Dad and I went to rehearsals and showed a family friend around town, which was sweet for him. Mom and Dad got to spend one entire afternoon watching Calvin while I went to work and I know they had a great time. It is so wonderful having family around. We’re looking forward to having some more visitors this summer! It makes us melancholy as we realize how far everyone is travelling. Where is the magical device we’ve all been waiting for that can transport us across countries?

I think Kevin and I have hit that period after moving to a new place where you realize how far away it is! A year and a half in we’re kind of feeling that distance. The first year was a whirlwind of settling in and having a baby. We love our home, our city, our jobs and our friends here in La Crosse, but there are still so many times when we wish we could live around the corner from our friends and family in Western NY. In this family of travelers, I know everyone can relate.

Calvin’s growth into an animated and hilarious toddler has added to our homesickness. We wish you could all enjoy him as much as we do! Kevin and I have joined the ranks of parents who think their child is the most amazing thing in the world. He seems to grow and change and develop in the realms of movement, speech and expression. Every day he babbles and chatters to us with animated hand signs and silly faces. If we ask him to, he will happily say, “Dada.” When we ask him to say “Mama” he sheepishly says, “Baba.” I’ve heard him say the m sound a lot, but I think he doesn’t quite want to say mama. It is hilarious. He’s getting close to saying all done, more of an “ah, da?!?” with frantic brushing of his hands together (our sign for all done) and lifting his shoulders. We tend to ask him if he’s all done a lot because his preferred way of communicating when he’s finished with something is to whine very piteously. It starts as a cute puppy whimper while he points at something he wants (like me…or the floor if he’s in his high chair) but if we don’t acquiesce he moves into a higher pitched whine. The all done prompt usually snaps him out of it and he happily communicates his intent.


One of his favorite things to do is walk around outside and, if we let him, sit in our cars and play in the front seat.  When he wakes up in the morning one of his first tasks is walking towards the back door and trying to put on his shoes. Since this is usually around 5 or 5:30am, I don’t comply until I’ve had my morning dose of chai tea. When Mom and Dad were visiting we let him play in the front of our prius while we were grilling and he was getting antsy. I, or Mom, would sit in the driver’s seat and Calvin would sit in the passenger seat and he oh-so-happily patted the buttons and special compartments. It is now one of his favorite things to do. We got a passport to our local children’s museum and it has a few fake cars for kids to sit in, he gravitates to these, showing a disregard for any other child playing inside. He is not afraid to barge right in and interrupt someone else’s playtime if we’re not vigilant.


There are two areas in his life that he is making slow progress in: sleeping and eating. He still is predominantly getting his nutrition from breast milk. I’d say the split between milk and food is about 70-30. I’m working harder to encourage him to eat food and to not offer breast milk as often. He will put almost everything in his mouth, chews it for awhile, and often spits it out. Yogurt, raisins, pretzels and smoothies are consistently eaten,I think if I’m diligent about offering him new foods he’ll eventually eat those as well. Because he likes nursing so much, he still wakes up 2-3 times over night wanting to nurse. Kevin can usually soothe him back to sleep the first time, but after that he gets a bit more upset if it’s not me. He’s had a lot of teeth coming in this past month, he’s up to 11, with 3 molars and we think his next molar/canines are working their way into the world. It makes him a bit more volatile, especially at night. I’ve thought about trying teethers; but honestly, he doesn’t chew toys very well. We have one that somebody gave us and he chews it for approximately 30 seconds before tossing it. Infant ibuprofen seems to be more soothing…

Oh hey Mom, do you mind if I play with this electrical plug?

The moments when I feel frustrated that he isn’t sleeping longer stretches or eating tons of food are fleeting. He is such a happy, sweet, spunky and silly child. I know these kinks will iron themselves out and I’ll miss those middle of the night cuddle sessions.

Summer is so lovely. The strawberry season just started so I can’t wait to go pick strawberries and make jam and pies and shortcakes. It will be glorious. We got a pool pass card to our local pool. We had a play date there with some friends this weekend and it took Calvin a while to warm up to the pool, but eventually he did! He enjoyed walking into the wave pool and sitting in the shallow water, watching the big kids run by. It’s supposed to be 90 this weekend, so maybe we’ll brave the crowds and go back!

I just figured out how to sit and stand up from the stool Grandpa made me! Thanks Grandpa!

That is our life lately! Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our world. We miss you all!


One thought on “Life lately

  1. I also would love to have you/be closer. I would love to know him more and hang out with his parents also. Thanks for the update and for the sweet pictures. Love you all.

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