A day in the life with a 16 month old

Dear sisters,

This week has felt a bit idyllic. Calvin has settled into sleeping past 6am most mornings (praise the lord). He still rouses a few times in the night, but getting past the 5am or 5:30am wake ups has been nice. Something that seems to have helped was transitioning him to one nap a day. It feels like he’s sunnier and sillier every day and while he definitely gets stridently annoyed about things, time with him is so very wonderful. His ability to play by himself is increasing from 30 seconds to maybe a few minutes! I’ll take it!! This past Monday (which is my day with NO WORK), we had such a wonderful time together that I decided to document it for the blog.

Calvin woke up at 6:15am! Woot!! We had to drop off one of the cars for an oil change, so Dad stayed home a bit later in the morning (he usually leaves at 7am). After dropping off the car Calvin and I played at home.

7:45am Flannel came out to combat the rare early morning chilliness.

Riding the bike is so much fun!
Mom was feeling ambitious and swept the sidewalks. Calvin had to help.

One of his other favorite outdoor activities is walking around his Little Whistler and the Duck. He likes to pretend to cut the grass with it.

After being outside for an hour or so we went in to wind down for a morning nap, which never materialized. Calvin has started fighting naps by just asking for more books. He’ll push himself off of my lap, nodding his head vigorously as he points at his book shelf. He usually waits til I say he can get a book, then he proceeds to grab three at a time and throw them on the ground or bring them to me. We played inside for a bit until I truly gave up on the nap and made him sit in his high chair while I made banana bread. I decided to try letting him “cook” with me by giving him two bowls with dry rice in them and a tablespoon to move them around. IMG_20160822_102117330.jpg

It was a hit! I managed to mix up this banana bread and, while he made a pretty massive mess and ate some dried rice, he wasn’t whining or screaming to get out (or biting my legs, that’s another form of protest). Bonus, he adores the vacuum cleaner, so we had another built in 15 minutes of clean up time that kept him happy as a clam!

We went outside again to calm the wild beast inside of Cal.

While he didn’t want to nap, he did want to snuggle every so often.
This was post diaper change and I didn’t feel like wrangling him back into pants, so just a diaper, shirt and Robeez it is!

Pardon the fairly poor quality pics, I was using my budget smartphone. Finally, around 11:30 or so we went in, had some lunch and he was very ready for a nap! I can’t remember what I did during the nap. I think I prepared some food to deliver to a friend who had a baby recently. The rest of the day is very poorly documented.

1:15pm, Cal wakes up from a nap, wants to cuddle for 20 minutes. We play inside for awhile.

2:45pm We go outside again and spend some time chatting with our neighbors. Everyone around us enjoys seeing Calvin, he’s happiest outside ,socializing…much to his introverted Dad’s dismay.

3:30pm Kevin comes home! I’m just starting to feel a bit tired of running around playing with Calvin. Kevin does some stuff with Calvin tagging along and I make up the buffalo chicken and pesto chicken sandwiches on pretzel buns to take to our friends. Of course, there’s some leftover for us at home for dinner!

4:45pm Dinner’s ready and we head out to visit our friends! Their baby is beautiful and so little and snuggly. Calvin gets a little weirded out that I’m holding a baby. He keeps saying, “baby, baby, baby!” and plaintively trying to get into my lap to hold the baby with me. I’m pretty sure he’d gouge its eyes out. Calvin does a good job petting the baby’s hands though.

Get home around 6pm, eat our dinner. 6:30pm is bathtime, then I do bedtime at 7pm. Calvin is more than ready to sleep. He spends a few minutes crying about his baby doll. I try and get him to say goodnight to it and leave it in the living room, but his plaintive cries of “baby, baby, baaaby” break my heart and I get it for him.


This video is from the following day. Note the YA book in the preview image: Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin is AMAZING.

Only after tucking his baby into his bed (or hiding it under the pillow and saying it is asleep), will he settle down and fall fast asleep as I rock him. Kevin and I go watch some of Cars* before going to bed around 9pm.

*Kevin proposed we watch through all of the Pixar movies in the order they were created. We’ve made it to Cars so far, which was far cuter than we thought it would be! Toy Story was much older looking than we remembered. It’s been a fun viewing experience. I can usually only make it through 45 minutes before it’s time for bed.

Hope you enjoyed the Calvin overload! I obviously think he’s the cutest, funniest, smartest thing ever.


One thought on “A day in the life with a 16 month old

  1. Wonderful post, Jewel! The videos are special; we get to see Calvin in action, almost like being there! We miss you! Love, Mom

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