the summer of my (almost) content

Hello dear sisters.

It is August 10th and I have a rare day at home because I’ve been afflicted with a summer cold. Miriam is at her grandparents’ for the week, Eve is at daycare, and instead of being at work, here I am in my pajamas on the couch, blowing my nose and coughing. It’s strange to be sick in the summer–really, it shouldn’t be allowed–but at least I have some down time to write to you all, finally.

We are in the last few weeks of summer already, how did that happen? Of course it goes by too fast every year. Summer is a tough time of year for me. I’m still adjusting to working right through it without a break. Having been raised by two college professors gave me the skewed idea that summer means months of free time! For some, it does. For most of the parents I know, it doesn’t. Homer Simpson summed it up so perfectly:

Instead of spending my summer whingeing about it (thanks for that term, Martha), I’ve been trying, with some success, to focus on all the good things I have. I really do enjoy my job. The work is gratifying and worthwhile. We have a teeny tiny garden which is giving us beans, carrots, beets, garlic and tomatoes. We have been taking day trips on the weekends for fun–recent destinations included Corning Museum of Glass, Chimney Bluffs State Park, and blueberry picking at a nearby farm. Janna came to visit for a weekend too! We’ve also had the chance to get a few house projects done including painting the master bedroom.

Finally hung the shelf Dad made!

Also! This is the summer we got Albus, happy joy! He is such a fun addition to the family–he’s a snuggle bug, very playful and curious, and great with the kids. Thus, I have to inundate you with MOAR CAT PICS.

I had to take a pic of him sleeping next to a Harry Potter book! He must have sensed his namesake was in there.

The weekend that Janna visited, we took a hike to one of my favorite spots in Ithaca–great for a creek stomp.

Janna made this amazing Queen Anne’s lace wreath, no big deal.

Krestia and I also did something smart and asked for a week off the last week of August so we can have a real family summer vacation. We haven’t planned what to do with it yet (oops) but we’re hoping to go to Maine! I adore the rocky coast of Maine and I want to just sit by the ocean for a few days. Hopefully it works out, I’ll keep you posted.

How about you all? I think the reason this blog has been so quiet is that so many of us are so very busy. Jewel just had a baby and is moving this summer, Martha has three kids and a full time job, Janna just moved and is working full time plus being on call a lot, and Esther is in the midst of a summer internship far away from her home! Whew, we’re all adulting so hard. I hope you all are able to find your summer bliss in small moments, like the joy of eating popsicles outdoors on a summer evening.

Ok, off to take one last nap before Eve gets home from daycare.




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