About us

Five sisters raised in the hills of rural western NY, spread across 14 years and two countries. Single, married, with children or no, scientists, caregivers, teachers, artists. All lovers of good food and beautiful things. We’re glad for sisters and for technology that helps us stay close across the distances.

1.  Janna–At this point in the story I am a psychiatric assessment officer and do all the mental health consultations for an area hospital. I live about 11 miles from where we all grew up. When I’m not working, I spend time with my family and friends, play with and clean up after my two long-haired cats, read and watch stories, cook, garden, and listen to and sometimes make music. I also listen to a fairly unreasonable number of podcasts. I’m prone to random projects and occasional sentimentality. Who knows what I’ll write about next. I have some of the perfectionist, people-pleasing, approval-seeking traits and leadership skills seen in many oldest children.

2. Rachel–public health nurse living in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Married to my magnificently bearded editor husband (who does almost all the cooking), with a spunky 6 year old daughter and her little sister. When I’m not working, I’m usually doing the laundry or the dishes, but sometimes I get to have fun. I love to make homemade ice cream, go on hikes, and go to the farmer’s market. I am the second born child of the family, and my mother will testify to my strong-willed nature, independence and mischievous streak. Apparently I spent a lot of time in time-out as a child, way more than Janna ever did. I have settled down a bit in my old age and, now that I’m raising my own strong-willed child, I have a lot more sympathy for my mother.

3. Martha–environmental consultant living in Co. Kildare, Ireland. Married to my photography-loving husband, with three ridiculously adorable children. On the weekends I can be found baking sourdough bread or exploring castle ruins. I am the worst at keeping a journal and I’m prone to daydreaming, so this is to be my space for a brain dump.

4. Jewel–library assistant to the La Crosse Public Library’s Youth Services Department, piano and voice teacher and choral/church singer. I have a fabulous baby and wonderfully funny husband who sometimes posts with me (out of coercion from me of course). I have the most free time out of the sisters, so you’ll see lots of posts from me! I like to talk about whatever is on my mind–music, books, food, my BABY, parenting and marriage struggles. Honesty and openness come easily to me, so watch out for oversharing!

5. Esther–I’m Esther! I’m 23 and angsty and forgetful and loving. I studied environmental engineering and I am a quality engineer at an electroplating factory. I’m married to a stunning, complex specimen of a man and we like eating, dancing, taking walks, and arguing about random inconsequential topics. I like to write about all the random thoughts that cross through my head, as well as my decision making processes because 23 is a lifechanging time! I guess every age is, but since I’m not used to making real life decisions it feels like right now there are just soooo many decisions!


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